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Martha Suarez: For her children

With her life already well established in London, she hopes to one day move back to Colombia.


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When she was younger, Martha found that with getting older came many more responsibilities, including some that made being in school harder.

There was a lot of stress in her life and it became overbearing.

Martha traveled to London during a holiday and absolutely loved it. The city, the culture and the opportunities all drew her in, similarly to many young adults that have left their country to search for work in London. She decided to leave her home city of Bogota, Colombia and move to London to start a new life.

She has now lived there for 23 years and even has children studying in university. Her kids are what keep her from moving back to Colombia. She said that since they were born in London, they have already established themselves within the community and are doing very well, so she would never do anything to jeopardize that.

Londres london reino unido 2 pixabayOne of her daughters currently studies music in school and plays amazingly well.

Martha said her daughter is even better than the average musician and is studying music on a full scholarship. She couldn’t be any prouder of her daughter’s achievements.

After first moving here, Martha said that like most people that come from Spanish-speaking countries, the language barrier made it very difficult to live a normal life.

For the first few years, she barely knew any English and would go home and cry because she couldn’t communicate with anyone.

But now, Martha speaks English very well and works from home as a beautician. She has clients come to her house, and although it’s a small job, she is very happy doing it. She said that the best thing about being in London is how much freedom she has to travel to other countries, because in Colombia it was a lot harder to leave the country to go on holiday.

Brex London bridge londres pixabayThis is a great opportunity, especially for big families, to get a chance to experience other countries and cultures.

As she grows older, Martha wants to eventually move back to Colombia. She said that before then, she wants her daughter especially to learn more Spanish before going with her.

Martha is happy because her family is happy, and that is really the only thing that matters.

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