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Amanda Guzman: “I am happy where I am”

She moved from Ecuador to Italy  before moving to London with her husband. She said that London has a lot of opportunities to offer, so she isn’t really worried about the future.


Amanda Guzman 2Taylor Zambrano


Some people move to new countries and are able to adjust better to their new home than others. It’s hard to tell who will become successful and reach their goals, but some are fortunate enough to achieve their dreams. Amanda is very happy living in London with her fairly new family. This big city does have its ups and downs, but she was able to adjust to it well and doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon.

While she was living in Italy, she met her husband, who is from Bilbao, Spain. Both of them travelled to London and after getting married, they decided to move there and begin a family.

The move was more for new opportunies, not so much because they were trying to leave anything behind or escape from anywhere. They simply wanted to start a family somewhere they both really enjoyed.

Amanda Guzman 3Currently, she is a stay-at-home Mum for her one child, but studies on the side. She’s enjoying her down-time and hoping to get a job soon.

She said that London has a lot of opportunities to offer, so she isn’t really worried about the future.

By opportunities, this also includes new and exciting cultural experiences with people of various religions, ages and backgrounds. She said that the jobs that are offered here also take into consideration all of these differences and it’s easier to find employers who won’t discriminate.

She knows that it will also be nice being here for her son, because as he gets older, he will have all of these options open to him.

Amanda said that while she lived in Ecuador, it was a lot harder to find a job for herself, her friends and her family. So being here and studying to get a great career is working out nicely for her.

Amanda Guzman 4She said that while she has been here, there have been a few different Hispanic events and restaurants within her neighborhood, so she doesn’t feel too home sick. The food isn’t necessarily Ecuadorian and the pricing is different, but it’s still a little taste of home when she needs it.

With a smile on her young face and an optimistic outlook on her new life, Amanda doesn’t know where she will be 20 years, or even 10 years from now, but she just knows that right now her family and her are happy to be where they are. (09/27/15)

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