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Brexit negotiations in crisis: time to fight back

With less than 19 months to go until the UK is set to officially leave the EU, negotiations are progressing alarmingly slowly with both sides failing to agree on key areas. A public event is being held on 19 September in London, to discuss how to oppose the Tory government.


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In June 2016, 51.9% of votes cast in the Brexit referendum were in favour of leaving the EU in what was a very close referendum with dramatic constitutional consequences.

That was over a year ago. Over a year ago and there is still no clear Brexit plan. The Pound has hit a new low against the Euro at £1.08:€1, a figure that hasn’t been this low since October 2009 and this is no doubt due to the uncertain direction of Brexit and the final deal.

Moreover, the EU parliament has refused to progress Brexit talks and negotiate over areas such as trade arrangements until both sides can agree on issues such as citizen’s rights and the UK’s divorce bill.

The EU has said that Theresa May’s stance on EU nationals’ rights in the UK post-Brexit is not enough and still leaves many gaps and uncertainties.

Wpobreza-brexit-londres-pixabaye are already seeing a huge increase of EU workers leaving the UK and this has already affected the NHS, which poses a worrying trend seeing as there is already a great shortage of staff.

The event “Brexit crisis for the Tories: How do we fight back?”  will be a chance to discuss all the issues arising from Brexit.

It is being organized by the London Socialist Resistance, with Michael Chessum (Another Europe is Possible) and Fred Leplat (Socialist Resistance) leading the talks.

Date: Tuesday 19 September, 7.30 pm. Venue: Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB (Nearest Tubes: Russell Square & Kings Cross). More information:

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