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“Nifu Nifestival” and solidarity art

With the goal of supporting charity organisations for children in Nicaragua, through musical performances and street exhibitions, a musical event will take place in London on 16th September.


Klady - Photo Nifu Niga website
Klady – Photo Nifu Nifa website

Juanjo Andrés Cuervo

Despite the Latin American country being in financial expansion, progress in the sphere of childhood has not reached the desired levels.

Taking into account that almost half of the citizens live under the poverty line and 15% of children are forced to work to help with family support, Nicaragua has not managed to meet the stipulated standards for the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Furthermore, other problems such as violence against children, child marriage and the impossibility of attending school, are aggravating the current situation.

For this reason, the event “Nifu NiFestival” has been presented as an option to help the children of Latin America.

In this event, a group of musicians and street artists will participate, and will carry out a series of workshops which will include Music with Toys, Yoga for Kids and Vinyl Record Painting.

Holed Coin - Photo Nifu Nifa website
Holed Coin – Photo Nifu Nifa website

Also, those attending will have the opportunity to win prizes, some of them part of exclusive pieces created by the artists.

Additionally, and during the evening, there will be live music from live bands and electronic musicians.

Among them will be the DJs of Nifu Nifa, the collective that organised the event, and whose objective is to promote emerging artists in the music scene. In this way, they are looking to financially help charity organisations who work with children around the world.

Undoubtedly, a generous proposition that arose during a period of volunteer work in the desert in Morocco.

There, Nordin Marzok created his idea and, along with Juan Jesús Maya and Pepe Suárez, has developed this platform dedicated to those who come from disadvantaged surroundings in the educational sphere.

Nifu Suso Flores
Suso Flores – Photo Nifu Nifa website

Apart from music, different street artists such as Fabianski Buttsford, Iker GB and Anna Laurini will offer their works for an exclusive auction.

All the money collected during the course of the festival is destined to Education Plus Nicaragua, an organisation that helps children facing tough problems in their lives.

Day and time: 16th September at midday. Place: Number 177 Bar & Kitchen, 177 Hoxton Street, N1 6PJ. More information here.

(Translated by Donna Davison. Email:

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