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Pioneers of 70s Zamrock movement, to tour Europe

Led by lead singer Emmanuel ‘Jagari’ Chanda, WITCH (We Intend To Cause Havoc), a mix of African polyrhythms and English psychedelia came to the forefront of music in the 1970s in a newly independent Zambia.


Pioneros ZamrockMehdy C Ortiz


Now with only him left living of the original lineup, the group hopes to reach a new generation of music lovers, all off which will be filmed and form part of an Afro Rock movement documentary based on the group and its movement, all set to release in 2018.

“Zamrock came from [a] combination of pop music and heavy metal,” says Jagari. Influenced by the likes of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard and Led Zeppelin, the lead singer connected with like minded musicians to form the group ‘WITCH’ and in 1972, the group released their first ever commercial record “Introduction”.

The group, however, was met with many difficulties to survive throughout the first decade. The political situation and neighbouring wars that were occurring at the time, meant that the music scene was heavily censored, leading Chanda to leave the group. Soon after, Zambia became plagued with aids and one by one the rest of Chanda’s band mates all passed away except for him.

Pioneros Zamrock 2It is now 45 years since the group released their first track and the story and sounds behind the movement have once again caught the attention of many music lovers.

WITCH, made up of new musicians and still led by Chanda, will be touring Europe for the first time in history, with the 22 September 2017 set to be the date that the group make their debut appearance in London at the Moth Club.

The group is hoping to reach a new generation of music lovers and bring with them their history and vibes that made them one of the most influential pioneers of the Zamrock movement of the 70s.

A digital only, 12 track compilation compiled by Gio Arlotta, who has been directing the documentary set to be released in 2018, is available to stream via Soundcloud.  For more information on tour dates and the documentary, please visit here.



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