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How do we stop the next war?

It is the question to be solved next 21 September in London, following various global events that are promoting hatred between different countries. There is a great need to look deeply into what is happening and its possible implications for the future.


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Coinciding with the International Day of Peace at the United Nations, an event will be held to look at the world political reality.

The event will address the question “How do we stop the next war?” and will analyse news such as the launch of nuclear weapons from North Korea (which has alerted different nations to the danger of a possible world conflict), the Russian intrusion into Ukraine, Trump’s measures to prevent immigrants from entering the United States, his declarations of war or intervention in other countries such as Venezuela, and the growing hatred in the Western population towards Muslims, among other things that have negative impacts on a global scale.

With the participation of several guests, “How do we stop the next war?” will have as its keynote speaker the author and commentator on foreign affairs, Humphrey Hawksley, who is writing a book on the subject.

Hawksley has published several novels in which he explains the constant threat of a possible Third World War.

Guerra en yemen FEATURED FOTO pIXABAYAccording to his research, throughout history the decline of one dominant power against the emergence of another, is usually the trigger of a great conflict.

In fact, Harvard Professor Graham Allison adds that during the last 500 years, “in 12 out of 16 cases where the emergence of one power has challenged an existing one, it resulted in war.”

Furthermore, Hawksley has commented that when a confrontation has taken place, there is usually a conference to plan international relations.

Undoubtedly, Humphrey Hawksley has had a career that has afforded him great experience on the matter.

For example, he was expelled from Sri Lanka, had a television programme in China, was arrested in Serbia and started a global campaign against the enslavement of children in chocolate industries.

He has also made a number of documentaries, dealing with themes such as human rights abuses in international exchange, mistakes in global development, the nuclear industry, and the risks of prematurely bringing a Western-style democracy to some societies.

Terrorista guerra flickrHe has also lectured at Cambridge, University College London and Columbia, and is a regular speaker at Intelligence Squared and the Royal Geography Society.

He will be joined by representatives from different embassies, and students from the region will take part.

The event is organised by Universal Peace Federation, formed by a network of individuals dedicated to establishing peaceful links between different nations. Among other measures, he advocates a renewal of the United Nations.

Day and time: 21 September at 6pm, Address: 43 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NA, Contact: More information here.

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  1. i don’t believe there is any way to stop it, the men pulling the strings behind our ‘ puppet ‘ governments have been pulling them for a long time now, they’ve lain their plans well. the ‘ growing hatred ‘ towards Muslims is being manufactured for one end WW3

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