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In Manchester a festival challenges the ‘Tories’

To protest against the austerity policies implemented by the Conservative Government, a series of events will be held from 30 September to 4 October in the English city.


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Over the last few months, a number of important developments have taken place in British politics.

Among them stands out the surprising call for elections made by Theresa May. Despite her victory, Jeremy Corbyn’s wide margin at the polls has put the current Prime Minister in the spotlight for criticism.

Some of these criticisms have come from within the Conservative Party (the Tories), where many do not support the decisions taken by May. On the other hand, the austerity policies inflicted by the Tories have further diminished their popularity among the population. In fact, different protests have been organised in recent months, due to cuts in various basic services, such as education and health.

For all this, and with the aim of continuing demonstrations against the Government, a huge protest will be held, coinciding with the Conservative Party conference. Its name: “Take back Manchester Festival 2017”.

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Aside from the cuts, there is also growing discontent due to the anti-immigration policies. After the leakage of documents made by the Home Office on the treatment of these people, it seems clear that after Brexit, it will be very difficult to enter and live in the British country to build a future.

The previous panorama is the one that gives rise to “Take back Manchester Festival 2017”, an event in which strikes will be organised, but it will also include cultural spaces for music and comedy.

The event is organised by The People’s Assembly, a group that seeks to curb austerity policies and privatisation in workplaces and community services. Recently, they participated in demonstrations to defend the NHS and against the multinational privateer Serco, to help low income employees obtain labour improvements.

Days: from 30 September to 4 October, Address: Castlefield Arena, Rice Street, M3 4JR, Contact:, More information:

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