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Days that shook the world

The revolution that took place in Russia, the former imperial power in its region, and its impact on the working class, not only in Europe but around the world, are the themes that will be covered in an evening of debate and discussion set to take place in London on 14 October.


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It is now considered to be one of the defining events that shaped today’s political reality in various parts of the world.

It all started in February 1917, with a riot in the military garrison at Petrograd. Barely eight months later, the “October Revolution” was under way.

This was undoubtedly a key turning point in the history of Russia, sparking social upheaval that spread to the nation’s countryside and factories. Meanwhile, faced with the weakness shown by the Kerensky government, Lenin emerged to lead a movement that would overturn the social hierarchy and last to the present day.

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In light of this movement and its significance, even historians have expressed differing interpretations of the event, sparking numerous disagreements between intellectuals.

To learn more about this aspect of history, the Revolutionary Communist Group is organising an evening entitled “Days that shook the world: 100 years since October 1917”.

The aim is to delve deeper into the former Russian empire and its impact on the working classes of Europe and beyond. Specifically, Marxism and Leninism have profoundly affected Latin America, particularly countries such as Cuba and Venezuela.

Consequently, the debate and discussion will feature several speakers with extensive knowledge about the reality on the continent.

These include Cuba’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Teresita Vicente Sotolongo; the author of “Che Guevara, the economics of revolution,” Helen Yaffe; the writer on Venezuelan society and “Rock Around the Blockade” activist Sam McGill; and the editor of “Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!”, Trevor Rayne.

The event programme will start with a discussion on the role of women in the revolution, and how this has affected contemporary society.

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Next, there will be a presentation by Arte Soviético, followed by an analysis of socialism in Cuba and Venezuela, and the problems facing both Latin American countries. These include, principally, the interference perpetrated by the United States.

Date and time: 14 October, 11am to 5.30pm. Address: Student Central, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY, more information can be found here.

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