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Mexicans in the United Kingdom: a synergy agreement

Red Global MX-UK and MexSoc-UK have signed a partnership agreement aimed at increasing the co-ordination and collaboration between the two organisations from the central-American country. This marks the latest step towards achieving the purpose outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding.


mexico ciudad df pixabayThe document was signed in the presence of the Mexican Ambassador in London, Julián Ventura, and Alejandro Madrigal, one of the Mexico’s most internationally renowned scientists.

The agreement signed on 25 September seeks to increase the extent to which Red Global MX-UK and MexSoc-UK co-ordinate and collaborate.

The first of these is an association that represents Mexican residents in the United Kingdom (a fluctuating number of around 2,000 people), including highly qualified professionals, entrepreneurs and artists, among others. The agreement is the culmination of the work completed by teams led by Martín Lima (MexSoc-UK) and Oscar Alvarez-Macotela (RGMX-UK) over the 2016-2017 period, to foster a constructive conversation on shared interests and agree upon the principles on which to establish mechanisms for co-ordination and co-operation.

mexico mercado pixabayAs a result of this process, the parties decided to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on 14 July 2017 to set out their intention to continue working to develop shared goals and specific mechanisms for inter-institutional collaboration.

The agreement that has now been signed marks the latest step towards achieving the purpose outlined in this Memorandum of Understanding.

This effort was made in the belief that the proposals agreed upon by the parties will pave the way for an expansion to the scope of the aims and objectives of both organisations, and increase the speed with which they are realised.

RGMX-UK aims to inspire, empower and smooth the way for highly qualified professionals to contribute to the positioning and development of Mexico from abroad, through encouraging knowledge transfer, entrepreneurial spirit and stronger ties within the Mexican community.

mexico baile latinoamerica pixabayMeanwhile, the aims of MexSoc-UK are: (a) to promote co-operation and communication between the various societies that make up MexSoc-UK; (b) to promote Mexican science, culture and traditions by organising academic, cultural, social and sporting events involving affiliated societies whose members are relevant to MexSoc-UK; (c) to act as a link between Mexican students in the United Kingdom and the Mexican authorities, represented by the Mexican Embassy in the United Kingdom and academic authorities; (d) to support the organisation’s member societies and promote events for Mexican students; (e) to promote, support and advise on the training of Mexican societies at UK universities where Mexican students study, and (f) to support Mexican organisations in the UK in the promotion and logistics behind events associated with the aims of MexSoc-UK.

The synergy agreement that was signed does not imply that the organisations intend to merge or to pool their financial resources. Each organisation will retain its independence, and their governing bodies will remain autonomous.

(Translated by Roz Harvey)Photos: Pixabay


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