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A platform for the real America

“The resistance continues!” is the slogan for a special session on the continent’s current reality, its historical roots, interventionism in the region, and even Latin American migrants. It will take place on 14 October in London.


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Made up of different support groups and individuals, the “12 October Platform” (“Plataforma 12 de Octubre”) defines itself as a resistance group and rejects Christopher Columbus’ “discovery of America” in 1492.

That’s because before that date the continent’s natives had lived in the region for millennia. Even so, the newcomers wanted to impose their customs, beliefs and language on the continent’s inhabitants.

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All this led to the subjugation of the native population, which gradually disappeared from what had been their home for so long.

Bearing these historical precedents in mind, the “12 October Platform” group – whose name owes to the anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in America – will, for another year, organise an event to talk about what is happening on the continent.

Apart from analysing what happened more that 500 years ago, it will also explore current issues, like the on-going struggle for immigrant’s rights, the exploitation of natural resources, and other countries’ interference in Latin America.

The political and social situation in Venezuela is the first topic on the agenda, later moving on to the fight against extractivism taking place in Brazil and Colombia.

The term ‘extractivism’ refers to the exploitation of resources in the Amazon rainforest, a region that has long been devastated by the actions of mining companies. Specifically, these companies are destroying the rainforest, wiping out animal species, and driving indigenous people from their homes.

Furthermore, group work will also take place during the event, in which topics such as climate change, migration, resistance, and how to carry out solidarity activities in the UK will be discussed.

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During the daylong event there will be food, and a choir will close off the session with a performance of Latin American music in which the audience will be able to participate.

Since its formation in 2012, the solidarity networks that make up the “12 October Plaform” continue to defend the rights of Native Americans.

Day and time: Saturday, 14 October, 9:30am. More information here.

(Translated by Matthew Rose – Email: mattyrose1995@gmail.com)

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