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Raising the alarm of climate change… Noah’s Ark Campaign

If the global warming is continuing, not only the entire island nations are at stake, but other continental countries will face the risk of disappearing under the worldwide flood. On December 25 this year, a group of activists are organizing an event to raise the awareness.


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In 2016, five Pacific islands disappeared because of the rising sea level and erosion; moreover, six of them are severely submerged leaving residents from two islands being forced to move their home as the land is no longer suitable for them to live.

According to UN scientists, more than 25 million people in Bangladesh will be affected by the rising sea level and some fishing villages are already disappearing at the beginning of this year. The earth is suffering from humanities’ over exploitation and now the inhabitants are feeling the consequences.

If human beings are not paying attention to how burning fossil fuels is leading to the increasing global temperature and in turn a higher sea level, more countries will be vanishing under the water including the main continents. The sustainability of mankind’s future generation depends on our joint effort now.

Noah's Ark arca de noe pixabayThe Earth Aid Environmental Campaign is a group that consists of activists and volunteers who eagerly fight against global warming and for saving the human race from extinction. The Noah’s Ark Project will be a massive worldwide publicity campaign that is conducted by the eco-warriors that aims at raising people’s awareness of protecting the environment.

Consequently, this mission relies on the contribution from many to complete.

To name a few, it needs the support in terms of publicity, science, entertainment and finance that includes journalists, media-related workers, engineers, professors, performers, sound makers, philanthropists and numerous supporters from all kinds of fields.

Donations of food and fuel for the voyage will be much appreciated and financial contributions are also helpful. Those who are interested in joining the Noah’s Ark floating rainforest for endangered species to help prevent the catastrophe can contact Nick Smith on Facebook and also the Noah’s Ark page on Facebook.

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