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The macabre plot by the USA and the Right against Venezuela

In recent years, Nicolás Maduro’s government has faced the most brutal military offensive that, in the context of an irregular or hybrid war, has used state-of-the-art technology and an elite group of experts in electronic war, virtual reality and “democratic” propaganda.


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In this scenario, it must be registered that an upcoming plot has chosen Friday 13th October to kick off.

On this day, former judges of the Venezuelan Supreme Court will swear in their leaders at the Organisation of American States (OAS) headquarters in Washington, according to social media (EVTV, from Miami).

The spokespeople of this macabre plot against Venezuela, lawyers Antonio Marval and Pedro Troconi, said that they will do it under the umbrella of the regional entity, coincidentally two days before the regional elections here, and, that they will even designate Miguel Ángel Marín as president of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ).

According to history, never before in any country has there existed an exterior SCJ, that is to say extraterritoriality, something that surprises the legal world, and furthermore is a demonstration of the aberrations that the Right is committing in their eagerness to attack and destroy the Bolivarian Revolution, today led by the president Nicolás Maduro.

estados unidos washington pixabayTo the detriment of the lawyers sold to those who promoted the aggression against Venezuela, the government of this country has warned since last July that such designations (those of the judges) made by the National Assembly (in contempt) were completely illegitimate, since at the time there were no vacancies.

The Republican Moral Power also clarified in person through their president Tarek William Saab, the highest instance and expression of the Citizens’ Branch.

It is not unreasonable to think that this manoeuvre attempted by right-wing sectors is in the search for a parallel government, and very probably, those lawyers could be committing criminal offences (crimes such as treason to their homeland), according to rulings from courts in the Republic.

Nor can it be ruled out that behind these so-called “explorations”, made by the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD in Spanish) in their allegations for not taking part in dialogues with the government in the Dominican Republic, other interests are being hidden and a covert route will materialise after this Friday 13th October.

ESTADOS UNIDOS SOLEDAD HOMBRE TARDE pixabayAccording to a credible source consulted by Prensa Latina, and who asked for the appointment, this route, augmented and directed by the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, and the Republican senator for Florida, Marco Rubio, contemplates a whole interweaving about how to attack Venezuela.

Among the actions envisaged is the declaration of dismissal of the current judges of the SCJ, chiefs and acting judges, elected in December 2015 and those, outside Venezuela, will designate substitutes without complying with the constitutional rules or the constitutional law of the highest court.

In all this framework would also be the restitution to his position of the ex-attorney general Luis Ortega Díaz, currently a fugitive and accused of alleged charges of corruption, according to reports, to whom it seems they tried to give an importance of de facto governor; it would be something like Pedro Carmona, the sad recollection of the attempt against the president Hugo Chávez.
The plan contemplates the appointment of new members of the National Electoral Council, and already with this “absolutely illegal” structure, according to the source consulted, proceeding to the declaration of nullity of the National Constituent Assembly, and as the final step with the reinstated attorney Ortega, starting the preliminary hearing against Maduro.

donal trump pixabaySeveral Venezuelan judges were consulted, who requested anonymity, and they considered that these possibilities were absolutely unconstitutional, amongst other things, because the idea of establishing a court outside of Venezuela is somewhat unusual.

Nevertheless, the well-oiled media machine installed against the Venezuelan people supported the world in this attempt of the adversaries of the country to overthrow the constitutional president.

This would be, in short, a coup perpetrated by apparently legal methods.

In this plot, it must not be ruled out that it forms part of the plans from the White House and its troika of generals, James Mattis, secretary of defence; H.R. McMaster, national security advisor, and John Kelly, Chief of Staff.

Fazio, in his analysis, considers that “the unconventional and asymmetric war against Venezuela, partially declared by the nominal president of the United States, Donald Trump, could enter a new phase of military escalation”.

Trump said he was prepared to take “new actions” against the “socialist dictatorship” of Nicolás Maduro, said the analyst, and one might wonder if what is planned for after the 13th October in the headquarters of the OAS will not be part of these actions.

However, according to Fazio, “with this frame of reference, and in the face of Trump’s military threats, at the end of August 200,000 soldiers from the National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela, and 700,000 members of the militia, reservists and civilians participated in the 2017 Bolivarian Sovereignty military exercise, under the concept that facing an invasion from the United States, the Armed Forces would scatter – “we would become earth, air and water” and it would lead to a war of resistance.

Terrorista guerra flickrApparently, what is being cooked up in Washington, a coup, is the idea of the adversaries of the Venezuelan people and those who are unaware of the sovereign power represented by the National Constituent Assembly.

In summary, the Democratic Unity Roundtable and other players will not rest in their attempts to regain power to serve it on a platter to the transnationals and the fascist current that now governs in the White House, although they will remain lost in “explorations” to avoid the dialogue towards peace. (PL)

(Translated by Donna Davison. Email: Pixabay

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