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A new home for Ecuadorians

An event held on 21 October marked the inauguration of the Ecuadorian Consulate in the English capital. Among others, Carlos Abad, the Ecuadorian diplomatic representative to the UK, was in attendance


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 Since the devastating financial crisis that hit Ecuador in the late 1990s, the number of immigrants coming from that country to the UK has grown.

Ecuadorians are now one of the most well represented Latin American immigrant communities in Britain, and have a high rate of employment.

Indeed, many of those present at the “Ecuadorian open house and inauguration of the Consulate general” event spoke about their experiences in the workplace.

All this took place during an event held for the opening of the new Consulate of Ecuador, in which the attendees were made to feel involved in this space where they will be able to carry out bureaucratic tasks and make enquiries.

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Embajador Carlos Abad Ortiz

More than 50 people came to the event, which was also attended by Ambassador Carlos Abad and Consul Jorge Moreno, acting as representatives for the Latin American country.

The event was divided into two sections. During the first, which started at 1pm, the guests participated in a number of informative talks with experts about immigration and family legal advice, employment advice, English classes, a mental health and wellbeing campaign, workshops to help secure permanent residency in the UK, and registration for the workshop “How to import Ecuadorian products to the UK and commercial opportunities”.

Some of these courses and workshops are part of the Ecuadorian Consulate’s programme to work with their citizens, and in this way, help them adapt to their new country and facilitate the processing of documents, especially upon their arrival to the UK.

Consul Jorge Moreno

Finally, the event culminated with the arrival of the Ambassador, Carlos Abad, who formally opened the new Consulate General. In doing so, he used his speech to highlight the integrated status his compatriots had achieved, as well as the effort involved in moving the diplomatic offices to their new location.

The afternoon was topped off with “humita” – a typical Ecuadorian dish served with coffee – and music to liven up the atmosphere.

Website: http://londres.consulado.gob.ec/es/

New Address: 9 John Sessions Square, E1 8NQ, London. Nearest Tube Station: Aldgate East (Exit 1). Buses: 15, 25

(Translated by Matthew Rose – Email: mattyrose1995@gmail.com)

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