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“Books and clouds”

Set in the Peruvian Andes, this powerful film tells the story of the rural libraries community, portraying the importance of books as a source to life. It will be screening on 11 November in London followed by talks on the issue, and money raised will go directly to support the work of the volunteer librarians in Cajamarca, Peru.


Books and claudsMehdy C Ortiz


Directed by Pier Paulo Giarolo in 2013, the film surrounds a young girl in a lost village who awaits the arrival of new books.

In Peru, rural libraries are made up of a couple dozen of books that once read are swapped for other books and through this, books go on a journey spreading their usefulness to as many people as possible. A beautiful film, both in its story and scenery, it has won a number of awards including the “Prix de Public” of National Geographic France and the “Premio De Seta Doc” (Reggio Calabria).

Books and clauds 1The screening will be followed by a discussion on the rural libraries of Cajamarca, Peru.

The existence of these has been very beneficial to the inhabitants who are isolated in rural villages.

Many have become more educated and it has allowed them to learn new skills such as planting different crops and textiles which would not have been possible without this.

Books and clauds Pier Paolo Giarolo youtube
Pier Paolo Giarolo

“Books and Clouds” is an eye opening experience into the lives of these inhabitants, and all the money will be going towards the volunteers who transport the books across the mountains and to the indigenous people.

Date and time: Saturday 11 November from 19:30 to 21:30. Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, 5 Rossmore Street, London, NW1 6NJ. More information:


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