Migrants, Multiculture, Our People

MRNs annual migration summit 2017

Taking place in London on the 30 November, it is an opportunity for guests to join in to discuss what is next for migrants in the United Kingdom.


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A yearly occurrence, it is a chance to be able to discuss issues and assess the progress that has been made in migrant rights. An important issue, and one that has been put into jeopardy ever since Brexit and the current government’s tougher stance on migration, the discussions will create an opportunity to exchange thoughts and questions.

This year’s summit will greatly revolve around local and regional experiences and perspectives.

Joining the discussions will be activists, campaigners and thinkers. Among them, Bridget Anderson, Professor of Mobilities, Migration and Citizenship at the University of Bristol, Black Lives Matter UK (to be confirmed), Simon Cox, Migration lawyer for the Open Society Justice Initiative, United Voices of the World, a grassroots, member-led trade union, founded by and for low paid migrant workers, Liz Fekete, director of the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), Sonia McKay, Professor of European Socio-Legal Studies, University of the West of England, Bristol and Co-author of “Living on the margins – Undocumented migrants in a global city”.

migrant 1For those not in London, there will also be two other locations that the summit will be taking place in. There will be one in Birmingham on the 23 November and another one in Manchester on the 27 November.

All events are free to attend and you can register via Eventbridge. Date and Time: Thursday 30th November between 17:30 to 21:30.  Venue: Amnesty International UK, 25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA, UK. For Birmingham and Manchester, contact: policy@migrantsrights.org.uk

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