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Stop outsourcing now! The fight is not over yet

The “Independent workers union of Great Britain” is calling for a protest to defend the right of under-represented workers from the University of London


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In recent years, precarity has become an accepted reality for too many workers around the world.

Economic insecurity and social inequality, typically related to globalisation, are increasing the flexibility of vulnerable workers while reducing their remuneration. The result of this dangerous combination is an unsustainable living standard.

However, workers are mobilising to fight for their rights. The University of London has become a theatre of protests and strikes, as it is continuing to ignore the legitimate grievances of its outsourced staff. For example, the university has still not increased the salary of its security officers and receptionists, who work more than 70 hours a week on an aveCleaner limpia trabaj universit of londonrage of £9.94 per hour.

The endless dispute over better working conditions resulted in growing anger across all university staff. Workers have organised through the “Independent workers union of Great Britain”, a fully independent, worker-led union aiming to protect the rights and welfare of the most vulnerable workers of the country.

Through the union, workers are asking the university to respect their promise to raise salaries, to bring in-house all outsourced staff and to give fixed-hours contracts to all zero-hours workers.

These demands will be repeated once again during “Foundation day”, on the 21st of November.

Indeed, “Foundation day” is the most important day on the university’s calendar, as it marks the visit of the Vice Chancellor, Princess Anne. It will also be a key moment for exploited workers to deliver a clear message about their “In-house now!” campaign.

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During the day, workers will be striking followed by meeting at Senate House at 6 pm for a massive demonstration involving videos, supporters’ letters and petitions.

The objective of the protest is to speed up the review of all the outsourced contracts that is currently being carried out by the university to finally bring them in-house.

IWGB is asking the University of London to “immediately bring an end to outsourcing, abolish zero-hours contracts, and implement the pay rises it promised but has failed to deliver”.

To make their campaign a success IWGB is asking for the support of people by emailing the university, demanding workers be brought back in-house and joining the protest on the 21st of November. For more information about the event here, and Telephone 07783719479.


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