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Young people and MPs discuss the United Kingdom

Everyone ought to be aware of what’s going on in the UK and have an opinion about it. But there are certain issues, such as taxes, education, housing, and health on which young people want their voices to be heard. This is exactly what will happen with members from different political parties on 14 November at the Palace of Westminster.


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The current political situation in the UK revolves almost entirely around issues concerning Brexit.

That’s because the moment “Leave” got more votes than “Remain” saw the start of a process that, ironically, nobody was entirely sure how it would develop.

Theresa May, the person who took the reins of the country, has been severely criticised for not really knowing quite how to manage the situation. This was one of the reasons, among others, why she lost so many votes to Jeremy Corbyn in the most recent elections.

Despite the general uncertainty in which Britain is shrouded, everything seems to suggest that we’ll have to wait at least another two years before the process to leave the European Union properly gets going.

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This kind of situation highlights to an even greater degree the importance of younger generations getting informed about politics and current affairs, so that they’re able to express their ideas and participate in the present and future of their country.

Indeed, one study carried out by academics at the London School of Economics suggests that young people are “angry and resentful” about the result of the Referendum.

Among a whole host of reasons, many young people point to the loss of opportunities and the impact upon the UK’s image, which has earned a reputation around the world as a tolerant and multicultural nation.

This is why the spaces in which young people are able to express themselves and ask about what’s on their minds are so important. One such space is “Parliament Week”, a week of events that will take place between 13 and 20 November to promote commitment to the democratic and parliamentary process.

It’s an annual event held by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) during the week specified above. The UPF has been running this event for the last four years, and in 2017 “Parliament Week” will take place in conjunction with the UPF’s Association of Parliamentarians for Peace.

This time round promises to be a very interesting edition, since a very exciting, unpredictable event is being organised in which young people will have the opportunity to grill MPs about education, the environment, housing, taxes, and the NHS.

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The organisers are inviting all young people between the ages of 18 and 25, in what will be a platform for people to interact and talk about the future of younger generations.

The event is organised by Universal Peace Foundation (UPF) UK, an NGO that has put on this programme of events for the last four years, and has won prizes for its work.

The organisation deals with issues that involve human rights violations, such as the plight of women in the Middle East and mineral exploitation in countries in Africa.

Date and time: 14 November, 18:00-20:00. Location:  Committee Room 10, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, SW1A 0AA, London. Contact: Tel. 02072620985.

(Translated by Matthew Rose – Email: – Photos: Pixabay

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