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William the Conqueror’s gig in London

Soon after its first album, this newly-established band became an industry buzz. It started its British  tour in July and will be visiting the capital on November 14.


William-the-Conqueror website
“William, the Conqueror”. Photo official website



While some are tending to label their music as “Americana”, “country”, “folk” or “grunge”, the official Facebook account put “how much does it mean to you?” under the genre section.

Never believing that he has ever been a folk singer, Ruarri Joseph, the initiator of the trio, said: “I want people to hear the stories from a different perspective. After three years of keeping William in the dark, I want to switch things up. Ruarri can go off the radar it’s William’s turn now.”

With the help and support of two of his close friends and musicians Harry Harding and Naomi Holmes, they managed to produce sounds that are no longer purposefully living up to the expectation of the audience but are based on their individual instincts coming from their various backgrounds.

"William, the Conqueror" - Redrospective - Photo official website
“William, the Conqueror”. Redrospective. Photo official website

On July 21, the video of their new single “Tend to the thorns” was released on Folk Radio UK. This song is also one of the ten from the debut “Proud Disturber Of The Peace”.

With the effort of these three multi-instrumentalists, this group was at sixth place in the UK’s Official Americana Chart, fourth in the Independent Breakers and twenty-third in the Independent Albums Chart by the second week after launching the first album via Loose Music on August 4.

Moreover, their music was not only championed by influential media including Metro/Killing Moon, The 405, and One Stop Record Shop but also described as “stomping country rock veering into stoner grunge” by The Guardian.

As Ruarri put it: “I reached a point where I thought my younger self that had cut his teeth in punk and rock bands would’ve been disappointed in what I’d become, so William started as a way to pay homage to that youth that got side-lined when life got in the way.”

William-the-Conqueror official website -Cal-Hoon-blue 1
“William, the Conqueror”. Cal Hoon blue 1. Photo official website

The show is therefore a chance to rediscover the music attitude and ethos of this talented young artist.

Place: Moth Club, Old Trades Hall, Valette Street, E8 1EL, London Date and time: November 14, from 19:00. For more information click here.


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