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A banquet for the rock lovers

This November, London is lit up by a kaleidoscope of live shows not least with the return of Re-TROS, the first Chinese band that has made a break in the West.


Depeche mode websiteYi ZOU


“Re-defines marching music. Extraordinary”, “Re-TROS are one of China’s foremost rock voices”, “One of the most exciting new bands in Asia”, “It doesn’t take long for Re-TROS to blow away doubt… resistance is futile” … These are some comments from British music magazines for this oriental band.

Since setting up in 2003, Re-TROS (Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues) soon became an icon in China and started to grow its influence overseas. After launching the first single “A vision of Chris”, they were joined by the British musician and artist, Brian Eno, to produce their first EP  Cut off!”.

In 2005, they were invited by The Association of Independent Music to perform in Beijing after their debut national. In 2006, as the representative Chinese band and the guests of the Singapore government, they performed at the Singapore Arts Festival. Soon after, they released the album in the US and toured around the country.

Depeche mode website aThe trio has already completed one tour in Europe and two in North America; it will be commencing its second visit to the UK after leaving Dublin, on November 15 in support of Depeche Mode eight years after their previous album “Watch out! Climate has changed, fat mum rises…” was out. Earlier this year, they also released the epic kraut-house remix of new song At mosp here with Fujiya & Miyagi.

Extolling the virtues of classic independent icons Joy Division, Bauhaus and Gang Of Four and taking inspiration from contemporaries Battles, Liars and TV On The Radio, the musicians posted their latest work Before the applause on Modern Sky Entertainment which is one of the key indie music companies in China and the host of the most domestically well-known music event, the Strawberry Music Festival.

Visual artist QDepeche mode website 1ian Qian’s cover design and Hector Castillo’s recording and mixing process help to further embellish the presentation of the finished piece of art, while maintaining the irreplaceable Re-TROS grasp of earworm melody. This time, they are bringing their experimental hybrid of post-punk, electronica and art-rock to the UK audience.

Place: O2 Arena, SE10 0DX, London. Date: November 22, from 8 pm. For more information click here.

(Photos: Depechemode website)

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