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Cecilia García, an Argentinian businesswoman in England

Despite creating two businesses in Argentina, she had to emigrate to Europe. Today, she lives in Reading with her husband and son, she goes to Argentina on holidays and her career is very important.


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She is a 36 years old fashion designer and art graduate and she came to Covender, a small town in England, in 2015. She arrived with her husband from Argentina.

It was a joint decision, since they had often thought about emigrating. They made the decision before they got married, when he travelled to England to attend a job interview at the Microsoft company.

After the interview, he returned to Argentina and only 15 days later he found out that the computing job was his. Consequently, this was the catalyst that drove the couple to leave their native country.

Following this Cecilia began to organise the sale of her businesses and their marriage, before emigrating to Europe. As soon as she had completed the sale, she and her husband settled in Covender, England.

Accustomed to being very busy as the owner of two businesses in Buenos Aires, her birth city, the change was difficult for her, since suddenly she found herself in this small town, unsuccessfully seeking work for nearly 5 months.

Nicaragua lucha pixabayLife was hard, not because she was being excluded by British society but because she was not able to work, not speaking the language and not being well-acquainted with English culture, which made it difficult for her to integrate.

But after 5 months she found work as a saleswoman in Reading, and would soon relocate there.  She admits that she feels excluded in some situations, though not feeling comfortable speaking English.

In any case things have now changed and today she is the mother of a 6-month-old boy, Astor and splits her devotion between him and English classes. Her aim is to return to work at weekends, spending the first year with Astor and later pursuing her career.

At first she was worried about being a mother in England and her questions were the same: Is my son going to be fully integrated in English society? Is this the country that will offer opportunities for a better future?

rosa pixabayCecilia visited nurseries and was able to confirm that English children and children of parents of different nationalities co-exist and take their first steps in these places where there are no prejudices.

She thinks that her son will be her teacher in this new society, which despite the attempt by some politicians to create barriers, is multicultural and with effective and global communications thanks to the Internet.

Cecilia compares her country with England and says that in Argentina people, in general, are used to disrespecting rules, avoiding tax and other civil responsibilities.

But, on the other hand, although she chose to immigrate, she continues to feel sorrow, nostalgia and powerless because her homeland Argentina, with so many positives, cannot be appreciated by its people, due to the country’s ‘grey area’.

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