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Latin American Conference Adelante! … it’s here!

This region deserves a special moment of analysis and debate, especially when Trump’s threats are sharpening the traditional US interventionism and accelerating the global phenomenon of resurgence and consolidation of the right. That moment is called “Adelante!” , and will take place next Saturday, December 2, with more than 50 speakers, panels, seminars and documentaries.


Marcella Via


The international policies of the United States are characterized by a dissonant relationship between its inherent geopolitical imperialism and its paradoxical “mission” to promote democracy. In that sense, the link between democracy and imperialism evidence the major contradictions in the power of this country.

In fact, the United States has had years of continuous illegal intervention in Latin American politics, with the aim of ‘democratizing’ the region, but actually seeking to align it in its political and economic system, to obtain from it what it wants.

Its attempts include ending democratically elected governments with policies independent of the United States, as he has done with Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Chile, Cuba, Grenada and Panama.

Not to mention its deep discomfort with the presence of progressive governments in the region in recent decades, known as ‘Bolivarian’, such as those of Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela, among others. Regarding the latter, Donald Trump has made repeated threats this year to intervene by force.

Interventionist US policy is also expressed in active support for dictatorships (such as those in Chile and Argentina) or right-wing governments.

Despite everything and at different times in its history, Latin America has mobilized to resist and achieve regional integration.

And this reality is what makes the “Adelante” conference – one of the most important events in the United Kingdom on Latin America, and of which The Prisma is a media patner – is crucial this year.

The conference will take place on December 2 at the Trades Union Congress (TUC), Congress House and, as always, will be held as a full day workshop, from 10 a.m.

The extensive program, which also includes a presentation of documentaries from the “Alborada film fest”, includes two plenary sessions: “Stand up against Trump: Latin America responds” and “Another world is possible: voices from Latin America”. In addition, there will be different seminars and talks, such as “No to the intervention of the United States”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, “The corporate media and Latin America”, “Che Guevara – a revolutionary heritage, 50 years after his death”, “The WTO Summit and free trade imperialism” and “Build bridges not walls”, among others.

More than 50 speakers will address these issues, which – as the organizers of “Adelante!” Point out – “will speak on behalf of progressive movements and governments throughout Latin America, together with politicians, journalists, trade unionists and activists from around the world”.

Among them are: British film director, Ken Loach; David Choquehuanca Cespedes from Bolivia and ALBA; Egle Sanchez of the Venezuelan TUC; Teresita Vicente from Cuba; Carlos Abad from Ecuador; journalist, Victoria Brittain; Chris Williamson, Rocio Maniero from Venezuela; George Galloway, Roberto Calzadilla of Bolivia; Ken Livingstone, Guisell Morales-Echaverry of Nicaragua; Ben Chacko of the Morning Star; Tony Burke of Unite; academic, Lauren Collins; Jeremy Dear from the International Journalists Federation; Lindsey German from Stop the War; Kate Hudson of CND; Sally Hunt from TUC; academic, Tony Kapcia; author, Grace Livingstone; Christine Blower of NEU; Pablo Navarrete of Alborada; academic, David Raby; Sian Errington from Stand up to Trump; academic, Francisco Dominguez; Bernard Regan of CSC; Derek Wall of the Green Party, Colin Burgon and Doug Nicholls of the GFTU.

Tickets can be purchased on the website, or on the day of the event at 9:15 a.m., at the entrance, for a different price.

More information here. Email: Telephone: 020 7490 5715. Place: Trade Union Congress (TUC), Congress House, Great Russell Street, WC1B 3LS London.

(Translated by Shanika Whight) – Photos: Pixabay

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