Migrants, Multiculture, Our People

Latin American women who are change makers

When traveling to another country were language, culture and community are different, women often feel like they have to start their life journey all over again.


Jael Garcia*


In the process of integration within the British community, it is difficult to find spaces where migrants can share their life experiences and feel welcomed.

Building safe spaces where immigration status, language, employment, economic and educational situation are not barriers to live in community, is one of the goals of Latin American Women’s Aid, LAWA.

In order for migrant, refugee and diaspora women to feel that their life experiences and trajectories are powerful to cause change, LAWA launched the Change Makers programme in 2017, to unite women from the community in a collective journey.

From March to December, the women who were part of this first generation of Change Makers built a safe, feminist and intergenerational space welcoming every Latin American, Afro-descendant and Ethnic Minority woman who speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

Each of the workshops that were developed during the program allowed its members to meet, learn, grow together and create ways to reproduce the knowledge they acquired.

The project has been designed from an intersectional and communitarian feminist perspective, based on the idea that every woman is an Agent of Change, and that she has a voice, power and a collection of experiences that, when shared with other women, can help to: combat inequalities of genre; identify and prevent violence against women and girls; generate sisterhood and self-care among themselves; approach ecofeminism and new ethics of being a woman; understand the impact of migration, the diaspora and racial identities; open up and accept sexual diversity; embrace spirituality and resilience, and actively engage in community struggles by reproducing knowledge and actions in their own spaces.

On December 1st, this first generation of Change Makers will have their graduation ceremony. We will begin with an exhibition of portraits where we make visible the faces of these women who are already making changes in their communities, and we celebrate them. Then we will continue with the graduation event, with the participation of The Latin American Choir.

LAWA invites any women interested in being part of the next generation of Change Makers, to learn more about this program and the services of the  organization.

Date: 1 December from 6 pm. to 10  pm. Location: LAWA, The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL.  More information: Jael Garcia at jael@lawadv.org.uk. Tel: 02072750321 – 074621 191 700.

*Jael Garcia: Community engagement officer at Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA)

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