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“Noah’s Ark Campaign”: a journey to save the planet

Starting from the River Thames and heading to the South Pacific islands, a group of activists will set sail to protect the environment. They will leave from Chelsea Harbour on 25 December.


Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


For years we have been talking about global warming, but the measures taken so far have not been enough to undo the damage inflicted on the planet.

Given that CO2 emissions are still far too high in our society, reversing the problem is a complex issue.

Despite the environmentally friendly measures underway, such as the introduction of electric cars and the increase of natural wildlife areas, there is a sense that we have run out of time.

Recently, both Merkel and Macron made a pledge to limit the use of carbon as an energy resource in their countries.

However, Donald Trump and his denial of the scale of the problem is another example that international cooperation is falling short when it comes to protecting the environment.

Fortunately, there are still people committed to saving the planet in a number of ways.

An example is the cruise ship that will set sail from London’s River Thames to the South Pacific islands, which are in grave danger of disappearing if sea levels continue to rise.

The eco-warriors from Great Britain plan to take scientists, journalists, musicians and environmental activists with them on the ship to show the world the problem facing the residents of this region.

The aim is for this group of skilled people to share the message globally that the planet needs all the help it can get to avoid being devastated by global contamination.

The trip is being organised by Noah’s Ark Campaign, a platform that aims to find solutions to protect the planet.

Leaving from Chelsea Harbour and sailing down the River Thames, these activists will embark on an adventure that has a vital purpose for Earth’s inhabitants.

They are also planning to change the energy system of the boats to use hydraulic energy from the water itself. This will serve not only to highlight their cause, but also to prevent further contamination of the oceans, air and atmosphere.
More information: FacebookThe Earth Campaign, Email: Phone 0758 224 2300.

(Translated by Lucy Daghorn)Photos: Pixabay

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