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Trump is not much loved in the United Kingdom

Due to the opening of the new Embassy of the United States in London, the American president may come to visit the British capital. In view of this situation, the largest march in British history is expected to take place, made up of thousands of people whom will demonstrate on 26 and 27 February.


Donald Trump. Caricature Donkey –

Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


Since Trump has become the President of the United States, he has gained enemies over the world. This is due to his constant disregard for different ethnic groups, such as Muslims, who have been the target of constant attacks through social media.

Furthermore, he has created a global debate after acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a decision which has been receiving criticism through the international media. Donald Trump is probably the most controversial American politic figure in the modern age, and in some countries, the people have demonstrated against him.

Precisely, many protests have taken place in London against his pejorative attitude towards democratic values. Now, it has been reported that he may make a visit in February for the opening of the new Embassy of the United States.

Given the prospect of the possible arrival of the American president, social media have mobilized, with the journalist Owen Jones and the group ‘Stop Trump’ organising an event to bring together thousands of people in front of government buildings.

Photo by Asad Rehman‎ /Facebook event

In fact, just a few hours after the protest was born, more than 10.000 people showed their intention to go, and now, the number has surpassed 20.000.

Thus, it is expected to get the largest attendance for a demonstration in United Kingdom history.

Until now, the biggest protest was the one against the war on Iraq, which was attended by 750,000 people, according to police numbers.

In England many people are aware of the importance of protesting against people such as Trump. Therefore, Londoners will show again the importance of demonstrating for democracy.

Dates: 26 and 27 February, location: Downing Street and the Embassy of the United States, more information here.

(Translated by Juanjo Andrés Cuervo:

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