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Peru at the crossroads: ongoing Fujimorist coup against PPK

The dilemma that Peruvians are facing in the current circumstances is democracy or dictatorship. That is, the danger that Fujimorism – a movement that was never fond of democracy – takes hold of all the powers of the State and with it institutes impunity for the acts of corruption committed by Fujimorism and its allies, APRA led by Alan Garcia.


Keiko Fujimori. Photo Wikimedia Commons

Claudio Chipana


For this to happen, it is clear that the pro-Fujimorist plan A is to remove PPK as the first step. Therefore “presidential vacancy” is a Fujimorist chant to leave the government leaderless and easily take over the other State powers including the National Council of Magistracy and the Constitutional Court. The danger that Fujimorism represents lies in the fact of their authoritarian conduct in Congress taking advantage of their majority. An authoritarianism in evidence since the 1990s, with the self-coup perpetrated by Alberto Fujimori.

Also, it is demonstrated in the total disrespect of the public prosecutor who, days ago, wanted to raid two Fujimorist premises on suspicion of keeping a double set of books, but 9 Fujimorist members intimidated and obstructed the prosecutor’s work.

All of this about the “PPK vacancy” is, in reality, a distraction, a smoke-screen to impede an investigation into Keiko Fujimori for a presumed crime of asset laundering in the Odebrecht case. Marcelo Odebrecht had noted in his diary “increase Keiko to 500”, that is 500,000 dollars for Keiko Fujimori’s election campaign.

Authoritarianism in Congress, disregard for the principle of the Independence of powers, as well as the strong signs of money laundering crimes. All this explains the reason why Fujimorism is trying to overthrow the public prosecutor and the Constitutional Court, to seize these bodies to manipulate them at will. Verónika Mendoza, leader of New Peru, reported it like this. The “vacancy” of the President is nothing more than a cover-up for the true intention of staging a Brazilian-style coup against Dilma or in Honduras against Zelaya. The ultimate goal of Fujimorism, to achieve impunity from all their crimes and to achieve amnesty for the prisoner Alberto Fujimori.

The institutional coup is ongoing process throughout Latin America. Fujimorism and its ally APRA are enemies of democracy, transparency and independence of the powers of the State. They are the main drivers behind the neoliberal model that feeds corruption in the country. Pedro Pablo Kuczinsky, President of Peru, continues being investigated for the Lava Jato corruption case.

Nobody can oppose him being investigated and the due process being applied. However, another different issue is the authoritarian use of Fujimorism and APRA’s majority in congress and now, surprisingly, with the support of the priest Arana’s Frente Amplia saying “leave” to Pedro Pablo Kuczinsky using the “throwing him under the bus” method.

It is not a question of them “all leaving”, but it is a question of stopping the participants of the coup. It is neither a case of only asking for the president’s removal, as the investigation into the President of the Republic requires the application of due process respecting the independence of the institutions.

Defending democratic institutional operation is not defending PPK. In truth, he is the one who should achieve defence of democracy.

If PPK is found guilty then in due process he would have to go. Then there would be a general election.

However, the public is already in the streets denouncing the Fujimorist State coup. They are in the streets to denounce the corruption that has set up camp in practically all the institutions of the Republic.

They are in the streets to impede Keiko Fujimori’s impunity for the crimes of which he is accused.

The slogan that corresponds to the popular sectors, progressists, and the left is not, then, closed defence of PPK, as he has to prove his innocence, but the main way, is the popular mobilisation against the attempted institutional coup of Fujimorism. At the same time, demanding a new constitution.

(Translated by Donna Davison. Email:– Photos: Pixabay

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