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Special edition II: Significant stories

The Prisma hopes that in this 2018, we all make new changes for a better country, a better society where solidarity, social justice and respect prevail.


The Prisma wishes a happy New Year to all, especially to our readers who appreciate the importance of independent and ethical journalism and support immigration journalism and journalism for immigrants.

We are grateful to those who contributed to The Prisma in 2017 and believe in this multicultural, unique and pioneer project in the UK in integrating people with different backgrounds and nationalities but connected with the same goal of contribute to make a better society by building up ties between different cultures that share English as a common language and also are interested in the Latin American and Spanish speaking culture and the defence of immigrants, workers, and any other vulnerable or minority communities.

This edition brings some of the most significant interviews, stories and articles published by The Prisma that  hit the news in 2017. We are sure you will find them especially interesting.

The Prisma promotes multiculturalism, diversity and that provides information to Spanish and English speakers living in the UK and overseas, covering immigration issues, and the life of Latin-Americans and Spanish people in this country.

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