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UK needs an anti-War government

Only four days into the new year, Donald Trump has once again raised tensions over North Korea with more threats of nuclear confrontation and attacks on the Palestinians.


This is clearly how he wants to continue, using his presidency to promote a militarist agenda.

Stop the War organization is committed, along with many organisations and individuals in this country, to mounting mass opposition in the form of protests if Trump carries out his threat to visit Britain.

In 2018 the world remains a desperately dangerous place, with conflicts throughout the Middle East, including in Syria and Yemen; with continuing war and terror attacks in Afghanistan; with growing tensions with regard to Iran; with conflict in the Congo; and with threats of war in the Pacific.
Stop the War is launching a national tour of meetings over the next two months, with events in towns and cities across the country.

The main theme will be ‘why we need an anti war government’ but some meetings will be centred on issues of war and Islamophobia, and all will take up the issue of Trump and oppose his visit here.

Stop the War think this is an opportunity to build support for STW in localities, to increase our national membership and to spread the message about the failure of the government’s wars and the desperate need for a different sort of foreign policy.

There is an excellent range of speakers, including Brian Eno, Gary Younge, Lowkey and Saffiyah Khan, at these events who will be attractive to local audiences and we are asking everyone to do as much as they can to support these meetings through flyering, posters, social media, and inviting workmates, friends and family to them.

Stop the War consider this as the chance to establish a wider network across the country which can mobilise against any visit by Trump and against continuing war and interventions across the world. And also, the organization is also planning further meetings across the country.

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