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What does Venezuela’s opposition want?

The Venezuelan opposition are looking to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution started by Hugo Chávez, and seek to do so at any cost.


Luis Beatón


Before the start of talks between the government and the opposition in the Dominican Republic, Luis Florido, one of the spokesmen for the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD, Mesa de la Unidad Democrática), stated that they are determined to hold ‘fair’ elections in Venezuela and to ‘open up a channel for humanitarian relief’ in the country.

President of Foreign Policy Committee and a representative in the National Assembly, Florido stated that the opposition’s delegation went to the Dominican Republic with the intention of searching for ‘a route that allows Venezuelans to build a path towards the future’.

He did not speak of elections, since given the opposition’s three failures at the ballot box in 2017, they clearly fill them with panic, which would therefore seem to lead them to the darker option of ‘giving it everything’ and demanding that external forces resolve an issue that only concerns Venezuelans, according to political commentators.

The president, Nicolás Maduro, recently reaffirmed that ‘there will be full guarantees in the presidential elections so that the opposition won’t have any excuses’, and he stated that a group with links to the opposition suspected of conspiring against the national government had been detained.

The US Congress, where the Republican Party holds a majority, has a close relationship with opposition forces in Venezuela, in particular the Senator Marco Rubio, who, after his defeat to Donald Trump in the Republican Party’s primaries for the 2016 Presidential Election, has become the main torchbearer for the cause of Venezuelans who have escaped to the US, whence they complain about their country’s failure and incite interventionism in their country of origin. The politician from Florida also has a darker side, with allegations against him of protecting a brother-in-law from charges relating to involvement in the drug trade. As if by magic, the papers of the case in which his relative was implicated disappeared from the archives of a Florida court.

According to the Bloomberg news agency, the senator is the most influential figure in Congress and the Executive when it comes to decisions made about Venezuela, and is without a doubt, according to claims, one of the fiercest supporters of foreign intervention and meddling in the South America nation in an attempt to bring down Chavismo by force in 2018.

It is also worth mentioning that Rubio is one of the architects of the economic and financial sanctions imposed on Venezuela, and he is also one of the main supporters of the military-humanitarian intervention programme currently being debated in the US Congress.

Maduro recently stressed that the official delegation went to the Dominican Republic with ‘instructions in order to reach an agreement that would have full guarantees about the presidential elections in 2018’.

‘Full and absolute guarantees in order to hold the 2018 Presidential Election and to make sure that the opposition doesn’t have any excuses to run away and take the path of abstention, roadblocks and violence’, the president stated from the Miraflores Palace.

In this context, the political analyst Alberto Aranguibel considers the peace talks between the Government of Venezuela and representative from the MUD to be a powerful tool in ensuring that there is political harmony among Venezuelans.

However, Ángel Rodríguez, a representative from the National Assembly, claimed that Washington is applying pressure on the Venezuelan opposition to walk away from the talks with the government, because the only thing that President Donald Trump wants is to impose by force a head of state bowed down to US interests.

All the while, enemies of Maduro’s government are carrying out more and more acts to exacerbate the country’s deteriorating economic situation, and talk and demand, in language that reeks of neoliberalism, ‘a change of economic model, fresh financing and more private participation in the market’.

They maintain that only a new government that performs a complete U-turn in economic policy will be able to halt the hyperinflation that has been induced by external forces and the complicity of internal sectors.

The opposition say that this new government should seek external financing from the International Monetary Fund and other multilaterals as part of a restructuring of foreign debt and sweeping institutional reforms. (PL)

(Translated by Matthew Rose – Email: – Fotos: Pixabay

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