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Unite responds to Presidents Club sexual harassment exposed

Responding to the shocking revelations of organised sexual harassment that occurred two weeks ago at the Presidents Club charity dinner at the Dorchester Hotel, Unite national officer for the not for profit sector, Siobhan Endean, has made an statement.


He said: “The sleazy and disgraceful events that occurred at the Presidents Club charity dinner at the Dorchester Hotel will be all too familiar to people working throughout the hospitality industry.

“Everyone involved in this event including the hotel, the agency that recruited the hostesses, the companies who purchased tables and the men who attended the event need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask is this behaviour acceptable in the 21st Century?

“The events at the Dorchester once again underline why it is imperative that the third party harassment provisions which were axed by the Conservatives from the Equality Act must be immediately reinstated.

“The third party provisions placed a legal duty on employers to protect employees from harassment by customers. Their axing has allowed employers to ignore this form of harassment and effectively gives customers a free pass to sexually harass hospitality workers. “Unite also believes that the Charity Commission needs to launch an urgent investigation into the Presidents Club. Unite has members at some of the charities which have received grants from the Presidents Club and who are horrified by the circumstances through which the money was raised.”

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