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Argentina promotes B20 agenda in London

For this Latin American country, according to the president of Business 20, it is essential to get investments from British companies and for that reason their participation in B20 is important.


Daniel Funes de Rioja

Key note speaker and Head of Business 20, Daniel Funes de Rioja participated alongside economist Mario Blejer in the seminar, “B20 Priorities and Challenges”, organised in the Argentine Embassy in London

After his participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Business 20 president stopped off in London to head the “B20 Priorities and Challenges” seminar.

Ambassador Carlos Sersale di Cerisano introduced Funes de Rioja before an audience of businessmen, British Chambers of Commerce and institutions and media. Funes de Rioja said that, “For our country it is essential to acquire investments from British companies and that is why it is important to participate in B20.”

He added that, “The participation of Argentina at the Davos Forum, shows that Argentina is joining the world as a reliable partner, promoting multilateralism and free trade”. He said that the objective of the G20 presidency is “To build consensus for the future, between countries and in society, moving from a transversal perspective to different groups, including gender, youth, think tanks, work and companies”.

In his speech, the B20 president highlighted the creation of employment as the big challenge; “The technological revolution is changing the world of work. Our agenda is aimed at integrating education, the job world and companies, in order to prepare youth for the future working world.”

At his side, the director of Multilateral Trade for the Department of International Trade (DIT), Chris Barton explained before BP, HSBC, Tesco and Sephora representatives, that “For G20 to be a real success, we need to communicate to a wider audience and have more participation. For this we need from you, the involvement of the private sector and companies.”

The vice president of Banco Hipotecario, Mario Blejer, stressed that “President Macri and his closest men understand that G20 is a temporary yet extremely important opportunity to return to the world from a position of leadership. He added, “In Davos, for example, things changed a lot for Argentina. Before we were 3rd or 4th, this year there was a massive Argentinian presence. It was important that the president was accompanied by a large delegation of entrepreneurs, both young and experienced.”

The second panel was composed of John Hughes, Chairman of the BACC (British Argentine Chamber of Commerce) and Chris Southworth Secretary General at UK ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). Whilst the third panel was supported by Marcela Manubens (Global Vice President for Social Impact at Unilever), Paul Dreschler (President of the Confederation of British Industry) CBI, the London Stock Exchange, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, the Chief Executive of the Institute for Human Rights and Business and the Social Sustainability Director at the Consumer Goods Forum.

In that panel, the following was discussed: contributions by companies and institutions to free trade, sustainable and inclusive growth, modern slavery, technology, supply chains, transparency, education and work.

Funes de Rioja concluded the day by taking part in a discussion with students from the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and the Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics (LSE), the most popular university for Argentine postgraduate students. He also participated in a presentation in front of the members of the ICC, with the aim of acquiring British companies to enrich the proposals that the B20 will bring to the G20 leaders.

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