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British anti-Brexit party is born

Inspired by the ideas of French politicians, the British “Renew Party”, was officially launched by founders to fight the United Kingdom exit from the European Union (EU).


According to a statement released on Monday, the young candidates from the new political party, intend to follow the example set by the “En Marche” (on the move) movement by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The document emphasised that the organisation uses a “people-centred” approach, and is searching for an alternative method, to fight the deeply entrenched bipartisanship rooted in London.

Additionally, the text claimed that the independent movement looks to attract people from civil society, and transcend the traditional two-party system, that are the Conservative and Labour parties.

“We want all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to be represented among our candidates”, argues the Renew website

“Political parties have failed us and we need a new generation of people from outside politics to stand for election, lead our country and renew the British dream,” the website continues.

Additionally, Renew wants “to reverse Brexit” and backs a second referendum on the divorce between Brussels and London, to avoid a separation that they describe as “unnecessary”. However, political analysts suggest that the new party currently lacks the charismatic figure, which was Macron in the French movement. (PL)

(Translated by Natalie Clark – Email: Pixabay


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