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Many Britons dissatisfied with Brexit management

53% of Britons are dissatisfied with the Government’s management of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (EU), a recently released study indicates.


According to a survey conducted by ICM for the Guardian, only 16% of Britons have confidence in the way the Conservative government is performing in negotiations with the EU, five points less than the rating recorded in December.

Meanwhile, 25% believe the process is going neither well nor badly and the rest say they do not know.

According to ICM, less than a third of Conservative voters (32%) are satisfied with the decisions taken by Theresa May’s government in relation to Brexit and support for the party remains at 41%, just one percentage point more than that achieved by Labour.

Overall, 31% of Britons support May’s position while 32% prefer Boris Johnson, who championed the UK’s exit from the EU in the campaign leading up to the referendum in June 2016.

According to another study of the firm released in January, 47% of Britons want to hold a second referendum on Brexit, while 34% are against another vote on the issue.

Recently, the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, reiterated Brussels’ willingness to accept a reversal of Brexit or the reintegration of the UK into the union once separation has been finalized.

The politician from Luxembourg insisted on the possibility of the process being reversed and assured that, if the British people and government changed their minds, the 27 would assist them in remaining on the European stage and even facilitate their reintegration. (PL)

(Translated by Nigel Conibear – DipTrans IoLET MCIL – Pixabay

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