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From classroom to class struggle

The year 2011 saw a series of student-led protests throughout this Latin country demanding equality in education and, more importantly, equality in the society. This February 24th, a documentary on the story will be presented to a London audience.




Although Chile has commonly been regarded as one of the most economically stable and developed countries in South America, years ago, and furious citizens swept the country with numerous riots and violent demonstrations that challenge the state education system.

Many local students believed that national schooling is utterly unfair and serves the interests of the elite minority. They therefore strongly opposed the profit-oriented private schools through various organized objections. Moreover, the objectors have the perception that the unfairness not only lies in teaching, but is also deeply engrained in the society; that there exists a high level of inequality in this country in many aspects.

To pour oil on troubled water, the government proposed a new education fund, yet in the end did not address the essential concerns of the protestors.

“No queríamos un movimiento estudiantil, queríamos un movimiento ciudadano”/ “We didn’t want a student movement, we wanted a citizen movement”, said a student in the Chilean Winter (This is a quote from the trailer of the movie)

And the film was made: “From classroom to class struggle” (De la sala de clases a la lucha de clases), a documentary directed by Renato Dennis.

Born in Santiago (Chile), he has worked on numerous documentaries about the social movement of resistance of recent years in his country; this includes “El Piquete del 5-6”,Ad Augusta per Angusta”, “A Fierro” and this time, “De la sala de clases a la lucha de clases”.

He will also be joined for a Q&A session chaired by Alborada’s Nick MacWilliam after the screening. The host organization will also bring its monthly Latin American short films residency to the Alibi in Dalston, east London on March 15th.

Similar to the last session, the movie night will be featured in diverse topics related to Latin America and enriched with music chosen by the Alborada soundsystem on rotation between and after films. Admission is free all night and details of the film programme will be announced soon.

Date: Saturday, February 24th, 2 pm – 5 pm. SOAS University of London, London, WC1H 0XG. 30 tickets can be reserved via here. For more information click here

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