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Run to break the deadly cycle of impunity

A fundraising half-marathon in support of human rights defenders will take place this May in East London


Photo Peace Brigades website

During recent years, the safety of human rights defenders has been put at risk. According to Front Line Defenders, almost 300 activists were killed globally in 2016. When the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders in 1998, the international community recognised the importance of their work and committed to protect them.

However, human rights defenders have been increasingly killed or forcibly disappeared both by state and non-state actors. The main reasons leading to the death of human rights defenders have been their occupations, as happened in the case of journalists, trade unionists or law professionals; for opposing powerful people and perpetuators of human rights violations; or for sharing important information and thereby raising awareness about human rights abuses.

Based in countries where the local communities experience violence, repression and intimidation, Peace Brigades International (PBI) works in response to the needs of human rights defenders.

Photo Peace Brigades website

The objective of this organisation is to open a space for dialogue in war-affected areas, where conflict can be addressed without the use of violence.

Specifically, the PBI provides protection, support and recognition to local human right defenders who work in conflict areas and request help.

In 2015, Peace Brigades International protected and supported around 309 human rights defenders in seven different countries.

The organisations supported by PBI have helped thousands of people who have been denied their basic rights and suffered abuses such as torture.

Photo Peace brigades website

Within this scenario, Peace Brigades International UK plays a crucial role by training, recruiting and supporting field volunteers, fund-raising and developing links with important institutions, civil servants, and by raising awareness of human rights issues.

This year, PBI UK is organising a half-marathon in East London to raise funds to keep human rights defenders safe.

The event will start at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and go through Hackney Downs, past the Hackney Empire, Victoria Park to the London Stadium.

The Marathon will take place on the 20th of May and will see the participation of bands and DJs at every mile, and plenty of community spirit. For further information visit here or email

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