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Stop the economic war on Venezuela

The “Venezuela solidarity stall” is  a series of protests that will take place in March, organised in London by Venezuela Media Watch in support of the Venezuelan sovereignty.


It is true that Venezuela is currently facing an economic crisis that is directly affecting its people. While the mass media in the United States are showing indignation about the humanitarian issues present in Venezuela, its government is actively implementing policies that deny a recovery.

The dispute between the United States and Venezuela started back in 1998, when Hugo Chavez was elected President of the country.

Washington was initially displeased by Chavez when, during his mandate, he decided to use Venezuela’s oil wealth for social programs, to create regional alliances and an independent foreign policy, and encouraged and empowered popular participation in the state’s affairs.

In response to the new political standing of Venezuela, Washington backed a coup in 2002, which failed to remove Chavez from his position.

On the contrary, his government enjoyed more success, reducing the country’s poverty rate by half.

However, in 2013, Chavez died and Nicolás Maduro became the new president of Venezuela with a different series of challenges to face. Among these there is the persistent and intense hostility of the United States, which is promoting, funding and encouraging both the internal and external opposition to Maduro’s government.

The result of such antagonism has been an economic war on Venezuela. Some of the major tactics being used are the freeze on funds to import insulin and the blocked shipment of an anti-malaria medicine.

Venezuelan sovereignty has also been attacked with the siege of assets, the blockade against credit access, forcing judicial cases, isolating the country from the international community, and the most recent attack has been the rejection of the 22nd April 2018 election.

Also, the local opposition coalition announced it will boycott the 2018 presidential ballot. These sanctions are exacerbating the difficulties faced by Venezuela, while reducing the key opportunities to step out of the crisis.

Venezuelan Media Watch is an organisation aiming to stop false information about the Bolivarian Republic. Mainstream media started building distorted information about Venezuela during the last 20 years, when a socialist president (Hugo Chavez) got elected in the country.

That’s why this March, they are organising  the “Venezuela solidarity stall”, a series of protests in opposition to the foreign intervention in Venezuela and the have an information stall every Saturday.

Protests will take place from 1pm to 3pm on the 10th and 17th of March at Trafalgar Square. For more information visit here.

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