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Malphino… multiculturalism is the music

On May 4th, the band will bring an array of cumbia and a heady mix of exotic sounds to the public; audiences are now able to take a glimpse at their new work through the lead track “Molienda” that is made available online.





Based in London and claiming to be from República de Malphino, this is a gathering of nationalities whose members are from Japan, Malaysia, Colombia, France, UK and the Philippines.

Multiculturalism is the central idea and the foundation for the conceptual music project of this collective of musicians and visual artists.

Under London record label Lex (MF Doom, BadBadNotGood, Kate Tempest), they describe themselves as an ‘outer-national’ and mystical group from an imaginary tropical island that has dreamt up a cinematic score and audio backdrop to their idyll.

Malphino’s name is a portmanteau of the original members’ respective nationalities; ‘Mal’ bridges David’s Malaysian origins with Alex’s Phillipino-‘Phino’- roots.


This triggered the initial abstract concept of Malphino as an otherworldly place: a promised land of hypnotic cumbia rhythms, subtle digital warbling, accordion textures, voodoo vapours and woodblock charm awaits the off-piste explorer willing to step through the arch and “Visit Malphino”, the debut album from this London-based collective of musicians and visual artists.

With strong emphases on East-Asian folkloric traditions, Brazilian forró, 1930’s Cuban rumba, Peruvian chicha plus cumbia in a myriad of styles, their music serves as a cinematic score to the backdrop of this mystical isle and its ethos via a fluid use of electronic sequencing.

Available track.


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