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Why Marx was right

He was one of the most important philosophers. His thinking influenced historic events such as the Russian Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall. As this year marks the 200th anniversary of his birth, an event will be held in London on the 5th May, which will delve into his legacy.


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The event starts from a clear context. During the 1840s, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels started a renewal of the socialist ideology that considerably influenced the development of the workers movement.

Both philosophers advocated for a review of the bourgeoisie order established through the revolution, a term qualified as “scientific socialism”. Specifically, Marx expressed this idea in his book Das Kapital, where he denounced the injustice of the capitalist economic system.

In this way, Marxism rose up, which became a way of interpreting the world in general. Through the thinking that history is a battle of opposing classes, this school of ideology influenced literature, art and education.

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In fact, during the 20th century, Marx’s ideas inspired revolutions in Russia, China, Cuba and other nations where the dominant group was overthrown, and workers overtook private property and means of production.

Activist of the workers revolution

As well as being a philosopher, Marx was a member of the International Workingmen’s Association (IWA) where he expanded their ideas and fought against the moderate unionism of British workers and against continental anarchist tendencies.

What is more, he barely spoke about the way in which the socialist state and economy should be organised once power was taken, leading to very diverse interpretations among his followers.

As a matter of fact, Marxist followers mainly split into two groups.

One block was made up of those who defended a social democratic path, focused on the constitutional struggle and the defence of gradual improvements safeguarding individual political liberties.

On the other hand, there were supporters who formed a communist branch that gave rise to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the establishment of Socialist States with a planned economy.

For all these reasons, and considering that 200 years after his birth the figure of Marx continues to be important in contemporary society, a group of writers, thinkers and activists will participate in the event “Why Marx was right”.

Among them there will be: Ken Loach, Tariq Ali, Lindsey German, August Nimtz, Rachel Holmes, Kate Connelly, John Rees, Judy Cox, Michael Roberts, Chris Bambery and Lucia Pradella.

The presentation is organised by Counterfire, a group made up of members of unions, student movements and activists who united to denounce the problems that occur in the political system of society.

Day and time: 5th May at 10 am, Address: 35 – 57 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA London, United Kingdom, Contact:, More information, here.

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