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Quimantu: sentiments of equality and freedom

Chilean originated and British raised, this multicultural band has its official launch of their new album “Cantos…” on April 20th in a concert with a music collection that goes beyond both cultures.


Quimantu 2018 – Photo Quimantu Press



Quimantu have been the ambassadors of Chilean and Latin music in Britain and Europe since their formation in 1981. Their music is the embodiment of multiculturalism incorporating various contemporary influences. To name a few, there are Western Classical music, Celtic, African and Indian styles.

The group always takes advantage of the amazingly rich musical landscape in the UK and searches out new collaborations with celebrated musicians from different cultures. Many internationally renowned musicians and composers have worked and collaborated with them, such as virtuoso guitarist John Williams and multi-instrumentalist and composer Richard Harvey, English folk songwriters Steve Knightley and Roger Watson, Illapu’s Eric Maluenda and Jorge Campos from Chile, Musa Mboob from The Gambia, Ratsko Rašić from Serbia, and Kiranpal Singh Deoora from India.

As a result, it draws on a global musical heritage and creates a fusion of styles from a contemporary British as well as an international perspective. Being UK-based, the ensemble shows the audience their rich diversity.

“With a combination of sounds coming from the most diverse corners of Chile, Latin America and the world, Quimantu showed just how folk music can be when united by the conviction of the universality of music”, commented Javier Villagran, a journalist from El Mercurio de Valparaiso, Chile.

The line-up of musicians includes Laura Venegas-Rojas. Not only is she the daughter of the group’s founder and director Mauricio Venegas-Astorga, but also a rising musical talent.

Her voice takes listeners on a poignant and expressive journey, moving through some of the finest repertoires of Latin America and beyond.

On the official website, Quimantu is described as “love what they do, and that love is reflected in the fact that the group not only shares its music with its followers, but also the most profound sentiments of equality and freedom that lie at the bottom of their hearts and their art.”

Date: 20th April, Friday, 8pm Place: The Studio, Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King Street, W6 0QL, London. More info: Rachel Pantin on 07801 932 052, and web.

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