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“Marx in a day”…On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the revolutionary militant, the genius of Karl Marx will be explored in a day of talks and philosophy.



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Born in 1918 to a German middleclass family, Karl Marx became internationally known as the father of communism. Symbolised by his Communist Manifesto, his understanding of the political economy went far beyond socialism.

In fact, by exploring the major contradictions of the bourgeoisie society, he demonstrated how capitalism generates the conditions for its own end, through the role played by the proletariat.

The importance of Karl Marx not only lies within his analysis of class struggle, but how class struggle itself leads to the construction of a society free from classes, subordination and man’s exploitation of one another.

Moreover, his thinking has been at the forefront of important social changes worldwide that have characterised the past century.

In fact, his theory became practice at several points in recent history, such as the Russian Revolution, the fall of the colonial system, the revolutionary Latin American movements, including the Cuban and Sandinista revolutions.

Karl Marx by Mayall. Photo Wikimedia Commons

These events contributed to the creation of a bridge linking the working class internationally in their fight against capitalism.

This spring it will be 200 years since the birth of this revolutionary thinker. For this occasion, the International Marxist Tendency, together with the Marxist Student Federation will organise “Marx in a day”, creating a space to discuss the relevance of the Marxist theory in today’s society.

The speakers that will join the event include Alan Woods, editor of ‘In defence of Marxism’ and author of a new book on Marxism; Rob Sewell, editor of ‘Socialist appeal’ and author of books on the German Revolution and the British trade unions; and Fred Weston, Marxist writer and editor of

The event will take place on Saturday 5 May, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the B404, Cruciform Building, UCL in Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, London.

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