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We are all Venezuela … An in-depth analysis

The United Nations independent expert Alfred de Zayas recently visited Venezuela as an observer and concluded that there was no humanitarian crisis.


Nicolás Maduro – Photo Wikimedia Commons

Stella Calloni *


He warned that the coercive and unilateral measures imposed against President Nicolás Maduro’s government are causing deaths as well as severe harm to the people of the country.

Meanwhile, Argentine President Mauricio Macri decided to award the ‘Emilio Mignone’ International Human Rights Prize to the Venezuelan Education-Action in Human Rights Programme (Provea): something which is provocative and offensive not only to the Venezuelan people, but also to Mignone who never would have agreed to it.

It is also an insult to the Argentine people and human rights organizations, which are still searching for 30,000 missing persons and more than two hundred children kidnapped during the last military dictatorship which the Macri family was complicit in and for which they received big favours.

Ever since right-wing businessman Mauricio Macri was installed as mayor of the city of Buenos Aires, he has been chair of the Thinking Foundation (Fundación Pensar), a branch of the main foundations feeding United States Intelligence : the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), supposedly created to help “democratic development” or Heritage, one of the think tanks that prepared the Santa Fe documents, the most famous ones regarding strategies of domination in Latin America; the ineffable International Agency for Development (AID) now called Usaid boasting a criminal history; and others.

Since then he has turned Buenos Aires’ city hall into a meeting place for the most famous right-wing characters in the world and Latin America. It was Macri who welcomed infamous Colombian Álvaro Uribe, who he said was his model of a ‘president’ and his ‘inspiration’.

Photo: Pixabay

Uribe, who heads a Foundation that bears his name, supported by the United States, is one of Colombia’s most prominent criminals and is accused moreover for his links with paramilitary organisations and drug trafficking, among many other crimes.

Macri also welcomed, among others, Alejandro Peña Esclusa, as president of the UnoAmérica Foundation, created in Bogotá in December 2008 and made up of ex-military personnel from past Latin American dictatorships and the most select and hard-line members of the Colombian right.

It is a kind of imitation of Operation Condor as they took credit for a supranational mission to fight and overthrow the governments of the ‘Sao Paulo Forum’. Invited by Macri, Peña Esclusa who was involved in an assassination attempt against President Hugo Chávez and later against the current President Nicolás Maduro and other officials, brought out a book in Argentina in which he presented himself as a fighter for democracy in his country, Venezuela.

This is the very same Pena Esclusa that was decorated by the Honduran coup leader Roberto Micheletti, “for his help” in the coup (June 2009) against President Manuel Zelaya and in the illegal repression unleashed in that nation where murders are still ongoing. A symbol of this repression is Berta Cáceres, the social and environmental leader who was against the military occupation of her country and was murdered two years ago, in March 2016.

Photo: Pixabay

And this is the same right which proceeded to weave its web through the famous Freedom Foundation in Argentina, whose headquarters is in Rosario in the province of Santa Fe.

It is no coincidence that in the headquarters of this ‘Freedom’ Foundation which depends on the CIA foundations, the cream of this global and Latin American right, with the presence among others of former Spanish president José María Aznar, the relentless coup organiser Roger Noriega and ex-president of Bolivia Jorge ‘Tuto Quiroga’ (who for a year governed the country (2001-2002) as he was vice president to dictator Hugo Bánzer), and others of the same ilk were gathered in March 2008 when a strike on four agricultural employers’ organizations in the food and agricultural sector was started against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s government.

A strike that lasted four months in an attempted coup d’etat. It was at this time, as recorded by Wikileaks releases published in Argentina, that Macri complained to the US Embassy as to why they had not acted to overthrow the president on that occasion.

This is why it is no surprise that – throughout his campaign for the presidency that he won in 2015, with US financial backing running into the millions – he was focused on aligning himself with America, continually issuing the message that the Venezuelan opposition had to be helped to get rid of President Nicolás Maduro and anything to do with the Bolivarian revolution which international organizations had recognized as having made great progress against poverty in Venezuela. It must not be forgotten that this scourge afflicted 80 percent of the population when Chavez came to power in 1999.

Photo Kaosenlared

Of his campaign promises, the only one Macri kept was his central mission to try and lead the coup attempts against Venezuela and to highlight and demonstrate to Washington that he was the best and most faithful steward for helping them with their Latin American recolonization plan, which includes his own country, whose state and sovereignty are being subdued and destroyed.

Competing with other presidents to be the most submissive to the US, with a cabinet where each and every one of his ministers belongs to one of the United States’ foundations, such as his Minister for Security Patricia Bullrich, a member of the ominous UnoAmérica, this administration has been point-blank described as a government of ‘Wall Street’, by the US agency, Bloomberg (March 2016).

In addition, Bloomberg mentioned in its article that Wall Street was once again behind the new Argentina and was managing the list of its “student” officials at JP Morgan and Deustche Bank who dominate the important positions.

Bloomberg added that Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Barclay Inc. and Morgan Stanley were also represented with former members now in key posts in the Central Bank and the state agency in charge of pension awards for Macri’s government, ANSES. It acknowledged that this was rapidly undoing all the progress made by the governments of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, using professionals who are experts in the laws of the free market.

Photo: Pixabay

Two years on, this government has added four million eight hundred thousand to the list of those living in poverty, is violating social and human rights, is governing using executive decrees, is holding actual political prisoners in detention, has murdered two young people in the south of the country, has seized control of the judiciary, is prosecuting upright, decent judges and is financially and politically officiating over 98 percent of the media.

It is also handing over territory to the United States for its bases and signing security agreements under which Southern Command troops can be stationed in Argentina, in addition to importing US and Israeli advisers for security forces that are devastating our people. This government which is giving up claim to the Falklands and handing it over to Britain, a country where the Macri family has millions of dollars stashed away, is closing down schools, theatres, cultural facilities and erasing anything to do with Argentina’s history whilst condemning millions of people to starvation.

The same government that is calling for supposed ‘democratic and humanitarian’ intervention – as if such a thing were possible – against Venezuela.

Photo: Pixabay

Now Macri is rewarding the most cruel and criminal kind of coup mentality which is seeking to suffocate the people of Venezuela, a country where more elections have been held than in any other country in Latin American history. Provea is part of the group of foundations run by the Pentagon and the US Department of State, such as NED, USAID, Ford, George Soros’ Open Society, and others including Canadian, British and European foundations which manage the majority of the world’s media and control 95% of the information or rather misinformation that is circulated globally.

In addition, US financing of the media has turned the press into an essential component of war, akin to a weapon of mass destruction …

Provea’s prize is an offense and a travesty, as is the fact that Human Rights Watch is being admitted into our America as a Human Rights organization, when it is working directly for the CIA. The United States wants to wrest from our hands the true struggle for human rights and criminally embody it in alleged humanitarian agencies, which serve the current colonial and counterinsurgency wars that are being waged against all of Latin America’s popular and sovereign governments.

The amorality of this situation knows no bounds. And it is this group of presidents, who call themselves democrats, that are helping to drain Venezuela of its resources, to maintain the blockade, to assist in the smuggling of food, gasoline and currency, in the stealing of drugs and in the destruction of buildings, universities and health centres with sabotage and supposed peaceful marches, using mercenaries as in the wars in the Middle East and leaving death and destruction in their wake.

The great terrorist powers want to come for us now. Was not the looting and genocide of two centuries enough for them? European governments are assisting the United States and Israel in their colonial quest in our America. How many lives is this going to cost?

Photo: Pixabay

And what about the Organization of American States (OAS) whose secretary general, Luis Almagro, is leading the coup effort against Venezuela and any other government the United States wishes to overthrow in order to establish its new modern colonialist project in Our America.

We cannot allow what we have achieved on the road to decisive independence in this 21st century to be snatched from us. The challenge before us is Recolonization or Independence. And at this moment Venezuela constitutes a huge containing rampart for us, along with Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and those countries that have made so much progress regarding social justice and national sovereignty which we cannot let fall because we have to finally free ourselves from all outside domination once and for all.

This is why we are saying by way of demonstrations of solidarity with Venezuela albeit surrounded by paramilitaries and US troops threatening military intervention: ‘in the name of self-determination of the peoples of Latin America, of the brotherhood of the Patriots of the Great Homeland and of the principles of true humanism, we absolutely refuse Macri the right to award a prize in the name of human rights to Provea and refuse them the right to receive it”.  “We are all Venezuela”.

* Prestigious intellectual and Argentine journalist, contributor of Prensa Latina.

(Translated by Nigel Conibear – DipTrans IoLET MCIL – – Photos:

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