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The New Internationalist’s free Ethical Careers Fair and Conference is offering a space for the new generation of graduates to meet ethical employers face-to-face.


Marcella Via


Often, university students who are about to graduate are faced with the dilemma of working in an environment that does not reflect their ethical and political beliefs.

This is the narrative that has be en told for many years and learned by heart: ethical jobs give no money and it seems that the pay from unethical jobs pushes people to go against their beliefs.

Life after graduation can seem daunting for a student living in the era of flexible work characterised by the presence of temporary contracts, pay inequality and rising informalisation.

All this is taking place in the context of the “gig economy”, an environment in which temporary positions are common and independent workers are contracted for short-term periods.

These conditions are creating a hostile environment for workers, as their social rights are damaged while they are forced to be more and more flexible for a lower pay.

Moreover, workers have become slaves to contracts that often deny them the right to organise and strike. Contracts also lock employees into conditions that require them to work extra time without been remunerated in order to have their renewed the following year.

It is shocking, but true, that more and more people – especially young professionals – work in more than one job to achieve stability.

Because of this, the New Internationalist magazine, together with the SOAS Students’ Union is organising “The New Internationalist’s free Ethical Careers Fair and Conference”, an event where the new generation of graduates will have the opportunity to meet ethical employers in person.

The event will take place on Wednesday 25 April, from 11am to 7pm at Brunei Gallery, SOAS University of London. The careers fair will take place from 11am to 5pm and there will be panel talks from 2pm to 7pm. The first one, starting at 2pm, is about the gig economy. Following, at 3:30 pm, Panel Two will be about the gender pay gap and, lastly, Panel Three will be about the future of work, at 5pm.

The speakers include: Mark Graham, Oxford Internet Institute; Will Stronge, from Autonomy; Lorenza Antonucci, from the University of Birmingham; Wanda Wyporska, from The Equality Trust and Geoff Tily, from Trades Union Congress,TUC.

Tickets are available at For more information, visit here.

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