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The hostile environment needs to change

This April, in New Castle, a public meeting will be organised to fight borders and racism and achieve access to health care, housing and education for all.


Marcella Via


The migration policy adopted by the British post-Brexit Government is affecting the rights of every migrant in the United Kingdom, including members of the European Union who do not have the correct paperwork. As The Guardian reported, multiple tactics have been implemented to generate an environment that is hostile to everyone who is not a UK national.

For example, landlords are required to carry out checks on the migration status of their tenants, hospitals, community interest companies and charities receiving NHS funds must conduct ID checks on patients before treatment. Such identity checks will allow these services to bill patients who are found to be ineligible for NHS care.

Additionally, borders and racism which restrict access to health care, housing and education are now a manifested trend not just in the United Kingdom, worldwide. Hardening border controls and increases in welfare conditionality unfortunately now seem to be a consistent international trend.

With the aim of bringing decent services to everyone, the “Migration and Asylum Justice Forum” (MAJF) has been organising in New Castle since 2015. The MAJF focusses its efforts on campaigning for decent housing and health care for asylum seekers and refugees.

In addition, the “BSA Activism in Sociology Forum” (ASF) brings together university students and people outside university who have an interest in activism and sociology.

From 10–12 April, the MAJF and ASF will co-host a series of events to combat exclusionary and racist border controls and explore how best to defend access to basic rights, including health care, housing and education. These events are part of the “British Sociological Association Annual Conference” and are open to the public.

The events will be organised as follows: members of the MAJF and ASF will briefly present their issues to begin the meeting and a discussion will follow. During the event, there will also be an opportunity to discuss and prepare for the street protest that is taking place on Thursday 12 April.

The public meeting “Fighting everyday borders and racism” will take place on 10 April, from 6.15pm to 9pm at the second floor of the Commercial Union House, 39 Pilgrim Street, NE1 6QE, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Local participants have also the opportunity to apply for travel bursaries. Participants that want to claim a travel bursary will need to email.

The event is free to attend. Participants should book in advance at Eventbrite.

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