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Venezuelan presidential election: Invited to observe

Electoral Council doesn’t discard participation of the United Nation’s Mission in Presidential elections. High representative of the European Union was invited to the electoral event. Electoral Council delivered formal invitations to the African Union, Parlasur and Caricom.


The National Electoral Council did not discard on Thursday the possibility of an observation mission from the United Nations to participate as observers in the 20th of May elections.

Tibisay Lucena, President of the Electoral power sta­ted that according to the UN’s rules and interests, they will decide whether to participate or not in the Ve­nezuelan electoral process,

The Venezuelan electoral authorities had to modify their legal framework in or­der to enable the observa­tion of international agents. In Venezuela the electoral observation process was only permitted for internal political factors. The electoral council sig­ned an accompanying agreement with the Latin American Electoral Experts Council.

The Electoral Council also invited the EU as observers the African Union, the Parla­sur and Caricom. Additiona­lly presidential candidates and political organizations may invite 20 internatio­nal accompanying obser­vers for the 20th of May elections.

Electoral campaign begins 22nd April

The National Electoral Council in­formed on Thursday that the electoral campaign starts on the 22nd of April according to the electoral schedule.

Tibisay Lucena, President of the Electoral Council informed that du­ring the campaign, messages of hate and abstention will not be allowed.

“Discouraging vote is an electoral misbehaviour and is subject to sanction, we want to emphasize on this becau­se the political organizations have re­quested us to do so” Lucena declared.

Lucena announced that from the 23rd of April to the 17th of May, one thousand electoral information spots will be installed around the country with the necessary information for vo­ters.

The 20th of May more than 20.5 mi­llion voters will choose the President and members of the Legislative and Municipal Councils. This will be the 24th electoral pro­cess in Venezuela since 1998.

(Article and photos from CHAVEZ VIVE Venezuela Informa)

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