Migrants, Multiculture

Celebrating multiculturalism

In October this year, the first International Research Conference on Local Knowledge and Indigenous Studies will be held in the Philippines.


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Based in Azerbaijan, International Multicultural Network (IMN) is an international group that connects researchers and practitioners from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds who are interested in intercultural and interreligious studies. (The Prisma as one of its main partners of IMN).

Minorities account for 9.4% of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s population, with at least 14 ethnic groups. “Multiculturalism is state policy and a lifestyle in Azerbaijan”, said Ilham Aliyev, the president of the nation.

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The organisation has representatives in various countries, such as China, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan and the United Kingdom, among others.

This year, IMN partnered with the Center for Social Innovation, Local Knowledge and Educational Research (CSILKER) of the University of Saint Louis to promote and disseminate research on this multifaceted and multicultural agenda which spans diverse disciplines and geographical regions.

The meeting welcomes interested scholars and paper submissions for oral and poster presentations are now being accepted. Date: From 24–26 October 2018. Location: University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao City, Philippines. For more information on IMN, click here . For submissions, email: irpo-csilker@usl.edu.ph.

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