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Marina Marichan… working for homecoming

Due to the unemployment in her own country, Ecuador, she came to the United Kingdom being hired as a nurse. Unlike most immigrants, she plans to return home one day.


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 Although having lived in Britain for a relatively long time, 19th of February 2017 was actually her first time voting here. She expressively showed her excitement of being able to see that the Ecuadorian community is well united and organized in a national event like this.

As a Latina herself, she frowned at something the Latin workers have done and shared some of her thoughts about the problem the general Hispanic community is having here. “la gente que viene aquí me da mucha pena… lo único que hacen es venir  a pedir beneficios” “I feel really sorry that people come here only to look for material interests,” she thinks that those immigrants ought to find jobs, work hard and ask for less, because the British people are tired of them being self-interested and coming here just to exploit the economic environment.

encontrarnos-manzanas-colores-razas-multi-pixabayFor her personally, she does not think Brexit will affect her in any way since she is already a permanent resident and this month she is going to apply for citizenship. However, she agreed that it will have a huge impact on those who are newcomers to the country as the government is requiring a three-year residency.

Even though Marina is fortunate to live somewhere that most immigrant workers would strive for and that she had never experienced any kind of discrimination, she clearly stated that she intends to leave here for her birthplace once she has gained sufficient money.

“Aquí no va estar para siempre” “I am not going to stay here forever,” she explained. In her view, her job here is very stressful and low-paid. She hopes that there will be some communities in Europe or in the UK organizing some gathering or activities to speak for her group to the government regarding the issue of low pay.

nuclear-potencia-pixabay-2To some people, it is a place where a dream can come true while to others, it is just an interval before heading to their destination.

Whatever the permanence of this being home, these individuals contribute their skills, their knowledge and their endeavour to the nation and enable it to celebrate its diversity.

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