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The empire strikes back

The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign is organising a conference that will allow a better understanding of Trump’s action in Latin America and the reactionary right in Venezuela.


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The Maduro Government has demonstrated its inability to provide security and economic stability to the Venezuelan population.

Indeed, Yankee imperialism has intensified its campaign to regain and expand its interests in the exploitation of oil, natural resources and the broader Venezuelan market.

Moreover, tremendous growth of external debt has opened the doors of the Venezuelan market to Chinese and Russian imperialistic economic interference.

Specifically, Venezuelan stability is threatened by the tremendous increase in sanctions from the US which are directly affecting Venezuelan foreign debt. For example, oil generates 95% of Venezuela’s export income, with the US the largest market for its state-controlled oil company. It follows then that a cut in oil revenue would further affect the national budget for basic necessities.

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However, achieving a deep understanding of Venezuela’s situation is complicated and it has been further hampered by the huge amount of disinformation about the topic. Therefore, the Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign is emerging as a British political organisation which shows solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

The main goals of this organisation are to support Venezuela’s independence and sovereignty, condemn foreign intervention and to provide accurate up-to-date information to support democracy and social progress in the country.

This June, the organisation is hosting a conference named “The empire strikes back in Latin America” with the aim of understanding Trump’s policies on Venezuela and the activity of the local reactionary right. The special guests of the conference are Rocio Maneiro, H.E. Guisell Morales Echaverry, Julia Felmanas, Marcos Garcia. Additionally, Chris Williamson Richard Gott, Kate Hudson, Ben Chacko, Georgia Platman will attend the event.

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The main topic discussed will be Trump’s interventionist agenda & militarisation in Latin America; observations about Venezuela’s presidential election; the media; and the resurgent right in Latin America.

Also, speakers will discuss the reality of Venezuela’s right-wing opposition both today and in the past; US destabilisation; the ‘economic war’; and the Lessons of Chile and Nicaragua.

The event will take place on Saturday, 9th of June, from 10:30 to 16:30 at the Central London TBC. For further information, check the Facebook event or visit the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign website


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