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The universal lie: justifying the unjustifiable (Part 2)

On 9th April last year, when the permanent reresentative of Syria, Bashar Al Jaafari, began to talk about the situation in his coutnry before the UN Security Council during an urgent meeting called by the USA, UK and France, he had to endure his North American partner’s departure from the room.


Stella Calloni


Al Jaafari stated that this meeting at the request of the three countries, ‘was trying to protect the terrorists’ who plagued his country under the control of NATO. He said that this scenario was being prepared by Washington for quite some time.

On the other hand, it was clear that before the defeat of the mercenaries, the horsemen of the apocalypse were unable to feel satisfied; given their objective to take Syria and to continue with Libya and Iran and many other countries in the world. Helped by the increasingly discredited ‘white helmets’ they shot a film, just as Qatar did in their territory, showing the supposed taking of the Green Square in Tripoli, Libya, long before this would happen. Now they did it using women and children supposedly affected by chemical weapons.

Also, as in Libya, war propaganda specialists and photographers warned that just as in Qatar when the supposed taking of the Libyan square was filmed in advance with hired actors, the filming of the white helmets was another similar staging.

In the case of Syria, the white helmets were denounced, particularly because the supposed victims were only women and children, along with other details that suggested the falsification of information.

The Syrian ambassador, as well as maintaining that his country doesn’t possess chemical weapons, warned that the representatives of these three countries were calling a government – elected and supported by the people, without which the Syrian army wouldn’t have been able to hold out against the harsh invasion for so long (more than 7 years) – a regime. “I say to the USA, to France and the United Kingdom that we have defeated Daesh (Isis or Islamic State) in three years, not in thirty”, he said.

And he added “I say to Saudi Arabia that we defeated its terrorist arm (Jeish Al Islam) in Ghouta. I tell Qatar and Turkey that we have defeated their terrorist organisations Failaq Arrahman and the Al-Nusra Front in Eastern Ghouta’, said the ambassador, as well as condemning Israel for the bombing against his country – which no one talks about.”

Once again the universal lie is used to justify the unjustifiable, as is bombing with ‘beautiful missiles’ to destroy a scientific centre that had nothing to do with chemical weapons, amongst other places.

In the 1980s, during the USA’s terrorist war against Nicaragua, the North American Defence Secretariat argued that they ought to act because they had detected warehouses with weapons that Sandistas were sending to the Salvadoran guerrillas.

It was in these marked warehouses that the food donated by different countries around the world to feed the people of Nicaragua was stored, as was convincingly demonstrated.

However, the thousands of deaths under terrorist fire and the brutal attacks on villages in the Central American country, caused by the mercenaries from the ‘contra’ sent by the American CIA from Honduras, covered the Nicaraguan land with graves.

What also plays out behind the attacks on Syria is the great objective signified by Russia – whose presence was requested by the Syrian government. Something very different to the action of the ‘allies’, who were occupied with supplying the mercenaries, and the special groups of troops managing them, with arms and food supplies.

One had never seen an army of supposed rebel forces armed with missiles, all types of hi-tech weapons of war, bombs and tanks.

Throughout all of the attacks and bombings (both American and Israeli) Syrian infrastructure was being destroyed and the oil regions were sieged, as was the case in Libya from the start of the invasion in 2011.

As savage capitalism no longer has an outlet, it drags in its European partners, in reality obedient governments that behave like colonial establishments under the rule of masters.

Their objective is predation, death and domination. The dreamed up Great Israel or the expanded Middle East, under Israeli rule, requires quasi-empty territories. For this reason, if someone wants to touch the fascist hearts of the ‘civilised’ West, highlighting the crimes committed and the millions of victims, they should know that it is a leap into the void.

The plan to take over the region was already closed in 2001, shortly after the terrorist attacks – never fully explained – on the Twin Towers, as denounced by General R. Wesley Clark, who was at the head of the Supreme Command of NATO in the war in Kosovo and the attacks against Yugoslavia.

In 2007, in an interview with Democracy Now, Clark maintained that Washington’s plan was to invade or control Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

This would lead to important academics and investigators anticipating for some time the sinister and illegal plans made by the terror elite in order to maintain control. They also warned about all the illegalities to which one could refer in order to argue their actions, like the false flag attacks, the order of the day, or false denunciations as they’re doing in Syria and as in the case of the Russian spy in London; like something from a poor police novel.

In recent decades the USA and its partners have broadened their plans and the number of countries on the list of foreseeable attacks. That said, the emergence of the powerful Russian Federation, China and arguably the North Korean warnings, amongst others, have unleashed paranoia. Even more so in the case of a president like Trump; trapped within his own limits, the powerful Jewish lobby, the military industries, the Bilderberg group and his political illiteracy, which makes him increasingly dangerous.

Solidarity with the Syrian people is vital for expression of the people determined not to succumb to the ‘Goebbels’ of Nazism and the ‘Nero’s’ that set fire to Rome, who have already started to find themselves setting fire from their own flames. (PL)

(Translated by Eleanor Gooch) –  Photos: Pixabay

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