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For love, today prisoners behind the walls of Yarl’s Wood

What is the way out if two people are in love, but their families don’t accept them and are threatening to kill them if they don’t separate? They thought that it was to come to the UK, but for the last three months they have been incarcerated and their health is deteriorating.


Virginia Moreno Molina


Aagat y Bipinsha* escaped from Nepal six and a half years ago. In their country they belong to different castes, and this was considered a dishonour by their families. Their parents disowned them, and as if in a film about forbidden love, they escaped to a destiny that seems tragic.

Although they were young, they arrived in the UK hoping to be able to live their lives without fear that they would be murdered just for wanting to be together. But who would have told them that after telling their story and their anxieties to the Home Office, it would refuse their application for asylum and they would be detained?

They have spent almost three months of struggle and hope confined in Yarl’s Wood, and while their health both physical and mental has been declining, the Home Office has still not given them a decision.

The Prisma spoke with this couple, who told their story from inside, and this is what they said:

“My wife and I are from different castes in Nepal, but we wanted to be together. So, people were treating us like we did something wrong, they were trying to separate us, and they said they are going to kill us. They said `you are not my daughter, you are not my son, because you went against us, so we have to go against you´.

So, in fear of honour killing, we came here from Nepal with the student Visa and after we told our story, we claimed asylum in 2015. After all that, we did the interview with the Home Office and now, the process of our situation is going on.

We had our hearing with the immigration people, but they refused our asylum claim and said we were illegal, so they took us, and we were put 10 hours in police custody, and then in Yarl´s Wood. We are here for almost 3 months, in the section of families”.

Inside Yarl´s Wood

“My wife is having medication from 2015, and before coming here it worked very well. Now, she continues having the medication here, but she started to hurt herself.  She is having a very bad change and nightmares.

She went to see the doctor here, she said to the doctor that she was feeling that she wanted to kill herself, and the doctor said `And

why you don´t kill yourself? ´. After that she is more down and worse, because the doctor is not helping. Doctors are laughing about our problems.

About my situation, I am mentally depressed, I couldn’t eat properly, I have been feeling headaches. I feel like I am in a prison and it is really depressing. Sometimes I have sleeping problems.

The food is not good, and the people is not eating because of that. We are complaining about it, but nothing is being done. They don’t even give you a plate for eating. Some people are vegan, but they don’t care.

Moreover, they have tried to take us to the airport. The morning of 24th of March, they came to our room and said `you got release, you are going to home now´.

And then, they gave us tickets and said us that we had to leave to our country.

If we go back to our country, we are going to be separated or we are going to be dead. So what´s the point to send us there?”

* Aagat y Bipinsha are not their real names. They requested that their real names not be used in this article.

Introduction Translated by Graham Douglas)Photos: Pixabay

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