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Happiness exists… there’s no need to search for it

The search for happiness is not something to aim for because everyone carries it within them every day. The conference being organized by the Teléfono de la Esperanza will take place in 2 June.


Marcella Via


Neo-liberal society is one which provides nothing, and pushes people towards a search for happiness through material consumption, imposing highly individualistic and competitive behaviour. The cultural standards which permeate the capitalist model lead people to live in a context of uncertainty about the future, a product of the instability of the present.

This instability is evident in flexible working and the absence of social security, which prevent people from satisfying their needs, except through consumption. This maximum level of contradiction typical of neo-liberalism leads to high levels of anxiety and depression among people. As a result, organizations have emerged which aim to promote emotional health.

One which stands out is the NGO Teléfono de la Esperanza, created in 1971, whose mission is to offer help to people in crisis situations, whether personal, family or psycho-social within the Spanish-speaking world.

With this in mind, the psychologist and educator Juan Sánchez Porras, who is president of   Teléfono de la Esperanza, will be giving a talk on the theme “Happiness exists”.

The aim is to understand happiness as something that everyone carries inside them, and not something which has to be put together as a task. This vision implies that anyone can live happily in community with others, instead of cancelling themselves out in a quest to achieve happiness.

It remains to say that Sánchez Porras’s work develops as a way of pulling young people out of their self-absorption, by encouraging a feeling of community.

The conference will take place en 2 June, from 2.00 – 4.30 pm at the Unite the Union offices, at 128, Theobalds Rd., London WC1X 8TN. For more information visit facebook.

(Translated by Graham Douglas – Email: catalysistranslations@outlook.com) – Photos: Pixabay


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