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The embargo after the carnage

Almost 700 people have signed a petition asking for a two-way arms embargo between the United Kingdom and Israeli government after the Gaza massacre.


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The 14 May 2018 was the bloodiest day of Palestinian protests by far, as Israeli gunfire killed 58 people and left 1,113 wounded.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, around 30 people are in a critical condition and more than 70 people are in serious conditions.

Dissents at the border started due to the meetings in Jerusalem between  Israeli and United States officials in order to celebrate the fulfilment of Donald Trump’s promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv. In response to the massacre, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that every country has the right to defend its sovereignty.

Moreover, the following day, which was the anniversary of the Nakba, the Palestinian exodus, 40 more unarmed Palestinians were killed. It is also important to highlight that Israeli snipers wounded and maimed Palestinian civilians using illegal dumdum bullets. This kind of weapon is lethal as it expands after entering the body.

Following this catastrophe, the Israeli government’s crimes are yet to be punished. Within this context, the media has complicity depicted Palestinians as terrorists.

People are becoming accustomed to the constant presence of violence and abuse and are consequently losing their humanity. What would be the response if such a crime happened in Europe?

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The demand for human rights cannot be answered with slaughter – this is unacceptable. Thus, a petition at present signed by almost 700 people is demanding a bilateral arm embargo between the United Kingdom and the Israeli government.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) for Palestinian rights support the petition. The call for the embargo started before the massacre of the 14 and 15 May.

During the peaceful march on the 30 March, commemorating Land Day, the Israeli forces opened gunfire on peaceful protesters, killing more than 17 people and injuring about 1,400. Moreover, the military force ignored warnings given by Amnesty International.

The statement – initiated by a few individuals to express the widespread outrage at Israel’s latest massacre of Palestinian people – is being sent to national news-desks and being shared on social media as well as with political parties and all Members of Parliament.

The statements says, among other things, that “while the Conservative government continues to arm Israel and some in the Labour Party continue to debate whether or how harshly Israel can be criticised, Palestinians are being massacred with impunity in full view of an often complicit media”. It also states “We condemn this slaughter by an apartheid state against an unarmed people demanding their human rights. We demand an immediate two-way arms embargo between the UK and Israel”.

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